At StyleDemocracy, we know shopping! We deliver the scoop on all things retail related including how to get the best value at your favourite stores. Hidden offerings, insider secrets and the ultimate savings… we’ve rounded up the 10 things every Costco shopper needs to know. Keep reading for the top tips for shopping at Costco.

  1.     Share Your Membership Fee

The best way to instantly save at Costco is by splitting the upfront cost of a membership with a friend or family member who lives in the same household as you. This might seem like a no brainer but this savings often goes overlooked amongst roommates.

  1.     Product Selections Vary by Store

No two Costco stores are identical. While the size and layout of stores may be similar, there are differences amongst the product assortments at various Costco locations. Therefore, if you see a new item (especially on an aisle end cap,) buy it because there’s no guarantee that it’ll be available at another store.   

  1.     Shop Kirkland Signature Products

Kirkland Signature is Costco’s private label brand. The quality of Kirkland brand items is pretty awesome, with Costco guaranteeing that products are at par or above the quality level of national brands, but for a lesser price!

  1.     Costco Concierge

Costco members can take advantage of free 24/7 tech support and an extended two-year warranty on electronics like televisions, projectors, major appliances and computers (excluding tablets,) from the date of purchase with Costco Concierge Services. Who knew?

  1.     The Best Return Policy Ever

While Costco’s Return Policy clearly outlines the refund deadlines for items like electronics, installation services and jewellery, the terms are much more flexible when it comes to returning all other items. Therefore, if you’re unsatisfied with a product, Costco has you covered. All of its purchase information is attached to your membership so that you can easily exchange or refund an item even without your original receipt.

  1.     The Best Times to Shop

You’d be crazy if you expected to drive into a Costco parking lot with ease on a Sunday morning and comfortably find a free shopping cart. Although it’s inconvenient for most, the best times to shop at Costco are weekday mornings and early afternoons.

  1.     Samples!

In the event that you do head to Costco on a weekend, be sure to take advantage of the yummy sample stations set-up all along the crowded aisles and in the bakery department.  

  1.     Costco Services

We bet that there’s A TON of services you didn’t realize Costco sold – many of which are very beneficial to existing and aspiring small business owners. Use your Costco membership to purchase discounted services such as logo designs and courier deliveries.

  1.     Online Shopping

Many Costco members don’t realize that they can access the all of the savings perks they are used to, online at While you won’t be able to order perishable items, you can certainly shop for everything from diamond earrings to gift certificate, all of which already include shipping and handling in the price so there are no additional fees.

  1.  Not a Costco Member?

Have someone else do the shopping for you but still reap the cost savings of a Costco membership! Toronto residents can benefit from a great new delivery service that will take the ease out of Costco shopping while still delivering the club pack savings!

Do you agree with our list of 10 things every Costco needs to know? What would you add?


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