10 Cute Activities To Do With Your S/O In Toronto This Spring

10 Cute Activities To Do With Your S/O In Toronto This Spring

With a new season comes new starts, and plenty of hidden gems to uncover. Whether you have a day of fun with your bestie or a romantic evening with your significant other, you’re in for a good time. There are plenty of activities to discover this spring in Toronto!

1. View the Cherry Blossoms at High Park

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2. Go to a Toronto Blue Jays Game

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If you’re looking for the best gear to rock to the game, look no further.

3. Eat Brunch at One of These Hidden Gems

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4. Enjoy a Romantic Evening at ‘The Lights Fest’

5. Play Interactive Games at The REC Room

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6. Take a Hike on One of These Magical Trails

7. Spend The Day at The Toronto Islands and Grab a Beer at Toronto Island BBQ & Beer Co.

8. Check Out Ontario’s Largest Beer & Rib Festival

9. Take a Road-Trip to One of These Five Spots in The USA

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10. Culture Yourself at AGO First Thursday’s

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What are other fun activities to do with your s/o this spring? Let us know in the comments!

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