10 Absolutely-Necessary Items You Should Always Buy From Ikea

10 Absolutely-Necessary Items You Should Always Buy From Ikea

Shopping for your home can get expensive really quickly, especially in Toronto. That’s why it’s extremely important to budget properly and stick to prices that fit your lifestyle. There are certain necessities you’re going to have to buy anyways, so if you’re in the know, these are the smartest buys from Ikea.

1. Pendant Lamps

Via Ikea.com

VÄXJÖ: $39.99

This accent lamp gives creates the perfect atmosphere for dining or looks great over a kitchen bar.

2. Gift Wrap

Via Ikea.com

GIVANDE: $6.99

Wrapping paper is one of the best steals you can get from Ikea, along with ribbon and tags to decorative tape. Choose between tons of designs for every occasion.

3. Storage Baskets

Via Ikea.com

FRYKEN: $14.99

These multifunctional boxes come in sets of 3, made from seagrass which has a natural colour variation, making each basket unique. 

4. Shower Curtains

Via Ikea.com

SAXÄLVEN: $12.99

A new shower curtain can really brighten up your bathroom. Ikea has tons of minimalistic curtains with a variety of colours and patterns at a bargain.

5. LED Bulbs

Via Ikea.com

LUNNOM: $6.99

This trendy bulb is back in style now, and Ikea’s got all different sizes that are actually at a logical price.

6. Wine Glasses

Via Ikea.com


Stock your bar with these affordable wine glasses and you won’t even be fussed for a moment if one of these breaks at a dinner party.

7. Dish Brushes

Via Ikea.com

PLASTIS: $1.49

Stock up on multiple packs of these at one time. They’re perfect for scrubbing pots and pans, while the suction cup at the bottom helps them stay put in the sink.

8. Hangers

Via Ikea.com

BUMERANG: $6.99/8 pack

These hangers are made from natural, solid wood which makes them sturdier for hanging heavier clothing like jackets or jeans.

9. Picture Frames

RIBBA: $2.99

Custom frames get really pricey, especially if you’re planning on making a gallery wall. The right move is to check out the selection at Ikea so you can frame art yourself without it costing a fortune.

10. Tea Lights

Via Ikea.com

GLIMMA: $4.99/100 pack

Stock up on loads of these unscented candles to add some ambience to your home.

What are other staple items to buy at Ikea? Let us know in the comments!

All Images via IKEA

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