11 Spring Adventures to Have with Friends in and Around Toronto

Ahhh, Spring… The sun is shining, the weather is mild and the days are already growing longer.
11 Spring Adventures to Have with Friends in and Around Toronto

Ahhh, Spring… The sun is shining, the weather is mild and the days are already growing longer. With that, you’re probably feeling antsy and ready to get out to enjoy some glorious vitamin D. While soaking up some much-needed sun is fine to do alone, it’s always better when it’s done with a pal or two, or better yet, the entire crew! Without further adieu, take a look at 11 spring adventures to have with friends in and around Toronto below:

Go see the Cherry Blossoms at High Park

If you live in the downtown core it may be hard to notice, but Spring is definitely in full bloom. Escape the concrete jungle for a hot moment and head over to High Park to see the cherry blossoms, a sight that makes “full bloom” seem like an understatement. Pack a picnic and some wine, take some time to relax and call it a day!

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Do the CN Tower Edge Walk

Yes, the CN Tower Edge Walk has been around for a while now, although being suspended 100 of feet high in the air is an experience that never loses it’s wow factor. Make things even more interesting and plan to book a time during a Jays Game – now that’s what we’d call a spectacular view.

Visit a Waterfall Near Toronto

You may not be aware but there are a ton of waterfalls only within two hours of downtown Toronto. Ranging from small to spectacular, plan a mini road trip to one and stay for a while or make a bucket list and see how many you can hit up in one day.  DO go chasing waterfalls – what does TLC know anyways? See a list of waterfalls nearby here.

Image: Instagram/@missjennyu

Snap a gram at One of the Most Instgrammable Places in Toronto

If you’re a true Torontonian, then it’s your duty to make sure you see all of these places. Ranging from epic murals and graffiti, luscious gardens, and even a pink park, round up the crew and make it a goal to see all 20 of the most Instagrammable places in Toronto. Your Instagram will thank you for it!

Rent Bikes on Toronto Island

Going for a lovely bike ride on the Toronto Islands has to be one of the city’s favourite past times. Even if you’ve done it before, it’s always a nice way to get some exercise while taking in the city views. Plus, the island has a number of places that make great pit stops if you plan on staying for the entire day.

Image: Instagram/@slidbury

Have a park BBQ

Nothing says Spring or Summer like a good old BBQ!!! Lucky for you there are a number of parks in Toronto with outdoor BBQ pits. Gather up the crew, grab some wine and/or beer and spend the day hanging around outside. Get your grill on at these parks.

Go Hiking

If you’re looking for a Spring adventure that is going to give you a good dose of exercise too, then head out to one of the many trails in Toronto or the surrounding areas. All the greenery will help convince you and your friends that, yes, it’s finally Spring despite all the on-again, off-again rainy weather.

Image: Instagram/@conservationhalton

Go Glamping

While many adventures are to be had in the city, sometimes it’s good to get away from the hustle and bustle and see the great outdoors. Head over to Airbnb, and book a weekend of glamping.

Paddle the Don

May 7 is a paddlers paradise!!! The annual Manulife Paddle the Don event is back and it’s a great way to get out for a canoe ride if you’re not familiar with the river. If the Don River is your jam, then lead the crew on a paddle at any point in time this Spring.

Image: Facebook/@PaddleTheDon

Get Your Shop on in Parkdale

This one is for the urbanites and shoppers. If you’re in the mood for a city adventure, head over to Parkdale on May 13 and explore the Parkdale Sidewalk Festival. There will be lots of entertainment, free activities and more, plus they’re launching the Foodora Night Market this year, so it’s a good event for foodies too!

Explore some Ontario Caves

Ontario boasts a wide range of beautiful caves within driving distance of Toronto. If you’re looking to have a rugged, “get dirty” adventure, then this one is definitely for you and your crew! Collingwood has a pretty impressive array of caves and so do these places too.

Image: Instagram/@freespirittours

Which Spring adventures are you planning on having with friends?

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