These 5 Retailers have the Best Warranty Plans

When is it worth investing in a retailer’s extended warranty plan? We’ve rounded up the top 5 retailers with the best extended warranty plans in Canada.
These 5 Retailers have the Best Warranty Plans

It’s no joke… I love to shop. I save and skimp on purchases that I’d consider trendy, disposable or impulsive. However, when it comes to investment items (like electronics and furniture), I generally do my research to ensure that the purchase is worthy of a splurge. How long until this thing breaks? How much will a repair cost? These are the types of questions I ask myself before splurging on something new.

For big ticket purchases likely to damage, there’s the cushion of a manufacturer’s warranty as well as a retailer’s extended warranty plan to consider. While a manufacturer’s warranty generally covers product malfunctions for up to 90 days, a retailer’s extended warranty plan covers a wider variety of damages for a longer period of time.

Nowadays, almost every retailer is hawking an extended warranty plan in order to increase sales. Some retailers hassle you at the checkout with extended warranty offers (making you question the product’s integrity), while other brands subtly mention that an extended warranty is available. So when is it worth investing in a retailer’s extended warranty plan? We’ve rounded up the top 5 retailers with the best extended warranty plans in Canada.

When buying a smartphone…  Best Buy

It’s no surprise that the Best Buy Geek Squad is one of the most notable customer service names among electronics retailers. Known for efficient 24/7 service, Best Buy’s Geek Squad Protection Plan is worth the splurge. The Geek Squad offers customers a wide variety of extended warranty plan and membership options based on different service level needs (from online to in-home support). 

When buying a computer… Apple

Apple users appreciate innovative products that last. While Apple’s one-year limited warranty is generous, you can’t go wrong with investing in AppleCare Protection Plan or AppleCare+ to protect your investment in case of future hardware damages or software malfunctions. The best part? There’s no pressure to purchase AppleCare on the spot – you have within the one-year warranty window to purchase the extended coverage if you decide to do so.

When buying a TV… Costco

Costco rarely disappoints when it comes to savings – their extended warranty plan is no exception. Costco’s Excellence Plus Program protects your television purchase for three years! The warranty is foolproof and is priced according to the TV’s purchase price. The best part? The three years of additional coverage kick in after the TV’s one-year manufacturer’s warranty and the 2nd year of coverage provided through Costco’s Concierge Program (that equals five years of coverage on your TV purchase).

When buying a camera… Henry’s

Henry’s is known as ‘Canada’s Greatest Camera Store’ for a reason. They stand behind their products and provide customers with variety and value – this sentiment is backed by an extended warranty plan that increases the lifespan of your camera by three years. Henry’s claims that their Extended Life Program pays for itself after only one repair! This plan is something you’ll want to consider investing in, especially if your camera is for professional use or avid personal use.  

When buying tools or appliances… Home Depot

Calling all DIYers! If you’re an avid Home Depot shopper, you know the value in investing in Home Depot’s Extended Service Plan for items like power tools and major appliances. Home Depot offers a ‘no lemon’ guarantee – meaning that if the same product component requires three service repairs, Home Depot will replace the product entirely (i.e. if they can’t fix it, they’ll replace it).

Do you agree with our list of the top five retailers with the best extended warranty plans? Who would you add?

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