6 American Retailers We Want To See Open In Canada

From Target to Glossier, take a look at the top American retailers we want to see open in Canada asap.
6 American Retailers We Want To See Open In Canada

Over the past few years, the list of American retailers setting up shop in Canada has grown exponentially with the likes of stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. And while some people like to complain about an oversaturated market, is it really that upsetting? I personally don’t have anything against a wider selection of off-price designer handbags or cosmetics. In fact, some of our favourite American stores aren’t even here yet and therefore need to come (soon)!

Take a look at the top American retailers we want to see open in Canada asap – fingers crossed.

Burlington Coat Factory

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Before you exclaim that Canada doesn’t need another department store, I beg to differ. Burlington Coat Factory is one of the largest off-price department stores in the states and has everything from cheap steals, all the way up to big name designer duds. While the name suggests the brand only specializes in coats, on the contrary, they literally have any type of clothing under the sun for women, men, kids, and babies, as well as an entire home section.

Trader Joe’s

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If you haven’t heard of Trader Joe’s, get excited! The American grocery store has a cult following, operating on much of the same principles as Loblaws with their own set of signature food offerings. The big difference? Trader Joe’s has incredibly low prices and can be placed into the budget-friendly category. Check out a list of some of the delicious food items people swear you should always buy at Trader Joe’s here and pray that they come to Canada soon.


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Okay, while Target’s reputation may have been a bit tainted from their first flop into the Canadian market, I strongly believe in second chances. Visit any Target store in the states and you won’t be disappointed by their trendy department store items and Walmart-esque prices. Not to mention they were the only other brand (outside of H&M) that did affordable designer collaborations in Canada. Please come back with a better distribution system!


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The fact that we do not yet have Ulta stores in Canada is literally insane to me – we are missing out on so much. Think of basically every drugstore chain in Canada, plus Sephora, plus The Bay and you get Ulta. The cosmetic department store has every brand imaginable from the uber-affordable like E.L.F. and Wet n’ Wild, all the way up to the cult classics like Kylie Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills. Plus, what sets this beauty chain apart from Sephora is that every Ulta store also has their own salon.

Century 21

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Century 21 is another Winners/ Marshalls equivalent we want to see come to Canada. While the off-price concept isn’t anything new, like a lot of chains in the states, it unsurprisingly has a wider selection of designer contemporary merchandise and much better prices. Essentially it’s the same-same, but different; think of it has a higher-end version of Winners, with a very similar pricing strategy.


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While Glossier might not be a massive conglomerate like Ulta or Century 21, the beauty brand grew a cult following overnight. Housing a whole range of innovative skincare and makeup products with names like Cloud Paint and Wowder, you can assume that the only two brick-and-mortar stores in New York and Los Angeles are just as dreamy with their modern architecture and aesthetics. Not to mention, Glossier has already had one pop-up in Toronto meaning a Canadian store might as well be on the way. Only time will tell!

Featured image: Instagram/ @livewyld_designs