6 Cozy Places to Get the Best Cup of Tea in Toronto

Not only is tea delicious, but it also offers amazing health benefits. And lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the top places in Toronto to get your tea fix.
6 Cozy Places to Get the Best Cup of Tea in Toronto

Looking for the best places to get a steaming hot cup of tea in Toronto? There’s something about tea that just makes you feel good. It warms you up, giving you a burst of energy without the dreaded caffeine jitters or crash. Not only is tea delicious and soothing, but it also offers amazing health benefits to boost everything from your immunity to your mood. And lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the top places in Toronto to get your tea fix…enjoy!

Plentea Tea Bar

There’s no doubt that Plentea has some of the best tea in the city. Serving purely loose leaf without any tea bags, the leaves are strained through a teaspresso machine with every cup made fresh to order. Their lattes are one of a kind, with the milk infused seamlessly with the tea, and they also have delicious munchies to pair with your hot or cold blend. Every cup can be customized to suit your every tea desire, and make sure to ask about their secret tea menu for even more options!

Simit and Chai

Simit and Chai serves up some of the best Turkish street food in Toronto, and along with their made-from-scratch Simit bagels comes delicious cups of Turkish tea. Simit and Chai specializes in a notable blend of Ceylon and bergamot tea, so head on over to this King Street West cafe to enjoy their cozy space and a warm cup of tea!

Pluck Tea at Jimmy’s Coffee

It may be called Jimmy’s Coffee, but their tea is top notch. They’ve recently partnered with Pluck Tea, a tea brand devoted to local premium blends that use responsibly sourced ingredients such as Prince Edward County lavender, Muskoka cranberries and grape skins from Niagara. If you’re looking to trade your caffeine buzz for a calming, yet energizing drink, grab a cup of Pluck tea at Jimmy’s.

Icha Tea

Specializing in traditional Asian teas, Icha Tea brews all of their teas right before your eyes. This charming Chinatown spot will educate you on the steps of a traditional tea ceremony, and also hosts fun tea tasting events. Choose your tea and watch them pour, steep and serve right in front of your eyes. From hot teas to real milk teas, they use only the finest ingredients to serve up the perfect cup of tea.

Crimson Teas

A quaint teahouse in Chinatown, Crimson Teas boasts leaves and blends that are meant to boost your health. They serve top quality teas along with healthy meals, so you can enjoy their lovely space while fueling your brain with good food and tea! They’re serious about giving you the best, personalized experience, and there’s no doubt you’ll come back again and again.

David’s Tea

This list wouldn’t be complete without including David’s Tea! With so many loose leaf tea options to choose from, from fun blends like ‘Red Velvet Cake’ and ‘Let it Snow’ to pure teas like ‘Jasmine’ and ‘Irish Breakfast’, you can base your cup on whatever you’re feeling that day! A cup of David’s Tea is the perfect pairing for a walk around the city on a brisk day.

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