A Beloved Bubble Tea Cafe is Closing All Toronto Locations

A Beloved Bubble Tea Cafe is Closing All Toronto Locations

Retail stores are closing left, right, and centre but it’s also no surprise that restaurants and cafes are having their fair share of difficulties. It was announced that Montreal-based bubble tea cafe Labotherapy is closing all of its Toronto locations.

The bubble tea cafe announced the news to the public on June 9 in an Instagram post.

The post reads, “Dear Torontonians, it is time to say goodbye. The ownership group from Labothéry Inc. has unfortunately been put in a position to permanently close our doors.”

Although this is sad news, there is a silver lining because Labotherapy is continuing its catering events business in Toronto.

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The cafe opened its first Toronto location in 2018 at Bay and Gerrard and it had a shortly-lived PATH location which closed at the beginning of the year. All of the bubble tea spot’s Montreal locations won’t be affected and will remain open.

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