Affordable Ways To Update Your Living Space For Spring

Affordable Ways To Update Your Living Space For Spring

Around this time of year, it’s common to crave a refresh in your home that goes beyond just spring cleaning. We’ve been cooped up in our homes for the better part of winter (just being honest here), so it’s only natural to want to switch things up a bit! That being said, it’s not realistic (or affordable) to completely renovate after every season. But there are some easy and affordable ways to decorate and update your living space for spring to make it feel fresh and new again in no time!

Here are some affordable ways to update your living space this spring!

Light A Spring Candle 

Burn the last of your cozy, winter-scented candles and get some spring ones to put around your home! Nothing welcomes a new season quite like a seasonal candle. As soon as you light a fresh spring-scented candle (think linens and florals), your home will instantly feel refreshed. 

Rearrange Your Furniture 

An absolutely free way to make your space feel completely different is by playing around with your furniture settings! Think of the different possible ways you could re-arrange your furniture and try out a whole new layout! If your space doesn’t allow space for moving around larger furniture, like a couch, try re-arranging some smaller pieces and see where it takes you.

Add Some Plants & Flowers

One of the main aspects of spring is plants and flowers coming back to life outside! Bring some of that life indoors by adding a new plant or two into your space! 

Add Some Colourful Prints

Something that can easily refresh your home is switching out, or adding some new colourful art into your home in time for the warmer months. One of the most affordable ways to do this is with prints! Or you can even get crafty and attempt at making some art of your very own to frame.

Get A New Doormat/Wreath 

A doormat and wreath are the first things you and your guest see before walking into your home, so they can completely set a mood! Update your doormat – and wreath, if that’s your thing, between seasons to make your home always feel fresh and exciting! We personally love a great floral wreath for spring. 

Switch Out Your Throw Pillows

We always encourage the throw pillows with covers that can be switched out over ones that can’t! Because getting new throw pillowcases is a lot more affordable than replacing the whole pillow. Every season you can switch out your throw pillowcases for something seasonally appropriate and you’ll never get bored!

Update Your Centre Pieces

Simply adding a new coffee table book or a vase with flowers (there are some great fake ones out there, too), can really make your living space feel new and exciting. It’s all about the little things!

Replace Your Shower Curtain 

Sometimes the bathroom can be overlooked in a home, however, it is a room in your home that gets frequent visits, even from guests! An easy (and affordable) way to make your bathroom feel brand new is by replacing your shower curtain. For spring try something light and airy, or maybe a print with some foliage! 

Reduce Clutter / Purge

Last but not least, of course, we had to bring up the classic “spring clean”. It’s a great time of year to go through what you own and ditch (donate/sell) what you no longer resonate with. You’re space will instantly feel lighter and it’s completely free. (You may even make some money to use on other updates)!

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