11 Spring Fashion Trends We’re Looking Forward To

11 Spring Fashion Trends We’re Looking Forward To

As we go from winter into spring, there’s obviously quite the switch in fashion. It’s arguably the most dramatic style transition of the year! Clothing goes from dark and heavy to light and airy, in the blink of an eye. It’s such an inspiring time of year to play around with fashion and experiment with different style trends, as everything feels so fresh! There are a lot of fashion trends to look forward to this year, that are definitely more groundbreaking than florals for spring (iykyk)!


Cargo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it seems! This spring, we’ll likely see more of a transition from thick, cargo pants to cargo skirts, and cargo pants made with lightweight, breathable fabrics – adding a feminine flare to the trend. 

Long Denim Skirts

We’ve already been seeing the long denim skirt trend make its way into the style scene, worn over recent fashion weeks. This will be a popular choice for many in the spring as it still provides some warmth on the more chilly days but also gives off a fresh, springy vibe. 

Soccer Sneakers

Soccer Sneakers, like Adidas Sambas, will take spring by storm as people ditch heavy boots for comfortable yet sleek white sneakers. The problem? Adidas Sambas and even the Gazelles are hard to come by right now in a lot of sizes as they are just that popular. 

Cinched Blazers 

In the recent past, oversized blazers were the moment. However, this spring, it’s been predicted that cinched blazers are making a comeback! Could this mean the return of business casual to the club?


Did you think metallics were going to stay in the winter? This spring trend is one we’re super excited about since metallics are typically not seen much past fall and winter. It looks like this spring we’ll be graced with a little extra shine and sparkle on the streets!

Open-Knit Sweaters

Spring isn’t quite warm enough to ditch sweaters entirely, yet those heavy knits can be a little too toasty. So, naturally every spring we see different renditions of loose-knit sweaters like open-knits, crochets, cob-web knits, etc. This year, we’re expecting to see a lot of extremely lightweight open knits that are super breathable and great for layering. 

Ballet Flats

This isn’t anything new, we’re aware, but ballet flats are going to be huge this spring, maybe even more so than last! There’s almost a literal approach to this trend. The more the shoes resemble actual pointe shoes, the better. 

Cyber Prints

Cyber prints, or what could also be described as colourful, blurred prints, are going to be seen on all kinds of garments this spring including dresses, tops, and skirts. This trend is most popular amongst mesh fabrics, giving it a really cyber and futuristic look. 


Another trend that isn’t going away anytime soon is sheer and transparent garments. Everywhere we look, this fashion trend seems to make an appearance. This spring we think we’ll be seeing more of a feminine touch to the trend though, with ruffles and lace for instance. 

Large Bags

The Olsen twins would be proud of this one. It’s time to ditch the mini bags for large and in-charge ones that will fit everything you could possibly need to carry with you and have room to spare. Whether you’re dressing for the office or out for dinner, a large bag is the move. 

Floral Appliques

Every year, florals are a huge part of spring fashion. This year, however, it’s about more than just a floral print. Floral appliques/rosettes are making a huge comeback, and we’re kind of here for it.

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