10 Designer Dupes You Can Find at Zara For Under $90

10 Designer Dupes You Can Find at Zara For Under $90
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Here’s the sitch: you can’t stop thinking about what you found last night when you were mindlessly browsing your favourite online shopping site. Though there’s one problem, you’re sadly low on budget. The good news is, you don’t have to look any further than Zara to find a lower-priced design that’ll satisfy all your stylish needs. Even better, every one of these Zara dupes are priced beautifully under $90.

Keep reading for 10 designer dupes you can find at Zara!

Stella McCartney’s Falabella Shoulder Bag, $990 versus Zara’s Chain Embossed Bag, $69.99

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Photos from Zara, Stella McCartney

Any one of the designs from Stella McCartney’s Falabella collection are to die for, and not only because of their luminescent fabric and elegant chain detail. Every Falabella bag is ultra-chic yet practical for everyday use, from the office to the wine bar. And for $920 less, you can carry Zara’s Chain Embossed Bag to every kind of function in the same amount of style.

Balenciaga’s Speed Trainers, $1,125 versus Zara’s Technical Fabric Sock-Style High Tops, $29.99 

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Photos from Zara, Balenciaga

Balenciaga’s Speed Trainers have a sock-like design that saves you the stress of having to unknot laces when you’re in a hurry. You can pull them on with ease and dash out the door feeling like you’re walking on clouds. Their super light soles make a day’s worth of trudging extra comfy, but so do Zara’s Technical Fabric Sock-Style High Tops, for exactly $1,095 less.

Michael Kors’ Quilted Nylon Puffer Coat, $249 versus Zara’s Puffer Coat, $89.99

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Photos from Zara, Michael Kors

This year, Michael Kors answered every fashionista’s demand for the puffer coat trend with a quilted nylon design that’s finished with a high-shine coating. However, you can also grab Zara’s version of a glossy puffer in 2020’s official colour – Classic Blue (or a shade of it) for $160 less.

Ralph Lauren’s Gregory Velvet Tuxedo Jacket, $796.00 versus Zara’s Velvet Tuxedo Jacket, $89.99

Photos from Zara, Ralph Lauren

The show that Ralph Lauren held inside a ballroom on Wall Street during NYFW for his Fall 2019 Ready-To-Wear collection was full of opulence and old school charm. Inspired by the luxury of early twentieth-century nightclubs, the designer reimagined black-tie dressing in a most delightful way. Of course, a velvet tuxedo jacket was in order, and of course, Zara has one; a long sleeve blazer with a gorgeous, silky lapel collar. You can also get it for $706 less than you would at Ralph Lauren.  

Prada’s Studded Embellished Headband, $440 versus Zara’s Bejeweled Padded Headband, $19.99

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Photos from Zara, Prada

After this year’s NYFW wrapped, it was evident that the headband trend that followed was all thanks to Prada. If you haven’t already seen them all over Instagram, than you’ve probably seen Prada headbands on model Kaia Gerber or the ever-so-stylish Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. And now, for all the Parisian flair you can pack into your next selfie, you can have your own Prada-like bejeweled and padded headband from Zara for $421 less.

By Far’s Vasi Booties, $675 versus Zara’s Soft Leather High Heeled Ankle Boots, $49.99

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Photos from Zara, BY FAR

If we’re talking wintertime essentials, than a pair of durable, black leather booties should be at the top of your list. More specifically, a pair of black leather booties with a unique heel to kick things up a notch or two. Zara’s Soft Leather High Heeled Ankle Boots will go with virtually anything in your closet and have a similar square-ish heel to By Far’s Vasi Booties, for $626 less. 

Ulla Johnson’s Dorithie Dress, $772 versus Zara’s Ruffled Dotted Mesh Dress, $49.90

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Photos from Zara, Shopbop

When you think of airy prairie dresses and all things ruffly and floral, the name Ulla Johnson may come to mind. For the times you’re feeling your girliest, boho-loving self, one of Ulla’s designs are always a good choice; just like her Dorithie Dress. Similarly, Zara’s Ruffled Dotted Mesh Dress is a designer dupe that’ll give you Ulla LBD vibes for $723 less.

Kate Spade’s Metallic Midi Skirt, $368 versus Zara’s Pleated Satin Effect Skirt, $45.90

zara dupes
Photos from Zara, Kate Spade

This past summer, slinky, mid-length satin skirts were another trending fashion item, especially on Instagram. And if you’ve filled your closet with different prints and colours throughout the steamiest months of the year, then you’re probably thankful that a satin midi skirt is completely transferrable to your winter wardrobe. Paired with a chunky sweater and some high top booties, you’ve got a killer look on your hands. Kate Spade came out with this champagne coloured number this season, but you can get a similar dupe from Zara for $322 less. 

Alexander McQueen’s Leather Pants, $3,580 versus Zara’s Faux Leather Leggings, $39.90

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Photos from Zara, Alexander McQueen

Alexander Mcqueen’s 100 per cent lambskin trousers have a buttery texture that make wearing leather pants seem semi-comfortable. They’re also something you can wear with just about everything in your closet – from graphic tees to wooly knits, and other leathery goods. Still, for $3540 less, you can have a pair of faux leather leggings from Zara that still have the same edginess.  

Theory’s Adrianna Cashmere Sweater, $344 versus Zara’s Faux Fur Sweater, $39

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Photos from Zara, Shopbop

Come the windy and snowy weather, a neutral coloured cashmere sweater will likely become your #OOTD’s best friend. Not only for its warmth, but for its extreme wearability and resilience over many seasons of wear. Theory’s Adrianna Cashmere Sweater in either black or white fits the bill, though Zara’s Faux Fur Sweater does too for $295 less.

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