5 Items That I Will Never Ever Buy At Zara

5 Items That I Will Never Ever Buy At Zara

As a fashion editor and all around trend hunter, I’m a sucker for a designer dupe. That’s why one of my favourite stores is Zara. Spare me the sustainability and fast fashion lecture, I’m quite aware of the waste that the global retailer produces but unfortunately, I simply can’t afford to shop eco-friendly and local all the time. When I’m looking for a budget-friendly designer lookalike, I head to my nearest location, and while the store is filled with fab finds, there are a few items you have to watch out for, and in my opinion, should never buy at Zara.



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Let me be clear and say that this list isn’t anything personal against the brand. I’m a huge fan myself but I find that the jeans at Zara, while super cute and trendy, are so ill-fitting. As someone who is wider in the hips than in the waist, Zara’s jeans are always too tight yet loose at the same time, leaving this unattractive gape against my back. Instead of spending time getting frustrated with myself and the clothes in the dressing room, I’ve decided to skip the denim jeans section altogether, and shop for skirts instead.


never buy from zara

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good high street swimsuit. Even though I’m not looking to spend hundreds on a bather, it doesn’t mean I don’t want some form of quality in return. In the past when I’ve purchased swimsuits from Zara, after one careful cycle in the washer, it’s never the same as before. I quickly learnt my lesson and now I buy elsewhere for suits with a bit more longevity.


never buy from zara

Like I said, I quite enjoy a designer dupe as my budget hasn’t yet allowed me to spring for a Birkin. I do a large chunk of my Zara shopping online and a few times, I’ve been disappointed with what arrived at my doorstep. The handbags at Zara look absolutely gorgeous online, however upon first touch, the material often feels cheap and, just, weird. I love changing purses as much as the next gal, but if this is what I’m going to get, I’ll stick with my canvas tote thank you very much.


never buy from zara

Now I know that Zara is a fast fashion retailer and the prices are known to be low but with that being said, I find that selling a perfume, somehow cheapens the brand. While I have smelled the perfumes while stuck in the cash line, I’m never impressed with the scent and I find them to be overpowering. If you’re going to buy a fragrance, I suggest spending more than $19 on a brand that’s known for having exquisite scents.


never buy from zara

This one actually hurts me to have to write because the earring selection at Zara is spot on. There are so many cute options, but because of the way they’re packaged, it makes it very difficult to suss them out. The earrings are packaged in a cardboard-ish paper package which makes it impossible to hold up the earring to your face to see what it might look like when you wear it. Also, because of this packaging flaw, it’s so hard to get an idea of the weight of the piece.

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