The 10 Most Affordable Sustainable Fashion Brands To Shop

The 10 Most Affordable Sustainable Fashion Brands To Shop

When it comes to shopping from brands that are considered sustainable, it generally comes with a higher price tag. That’s primarily due to the cost of fair labour, sustainable materials, quality designs, etc. It’s only natural that sustainable fashion costs more. After all, when you buy a $10 blouse, it’s usually safe to assume some shortcuts were made somewhere down the line in creating that piece. That being said, you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune when choosing to make ethical shopping choices. So we’ve done some digging to find the most affordable sustainable fashion brands on the market!

Check out these sustainable (and affordable) brands!


All Tentree products are created with an “Earth-First” approach, meaning that they’re made in fair, safe working conditions and only sustainably sourced and recycled materials are used in production. That’s not all though, for every purchase made from Tentree, the company plants 10 trees! While shopping, you’ll find an array of comfortable, functional basics with reasonable price tags. 

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is an activewear apparel brand that uses ethical manufacturing and recycled materials (like old water bottles and fishing nets) to make its pieces! Girlfriend carries sizes XXS to 6XL, making its pieces even more assessable. We could barely even find any pieces over $100 while shopping *adds to cart*. 

Colorful Standard

All of Colorful Standard’s pieces are made using 100% organic cotton or 100% merino wool and Oeko-Tex® certified dyes – in Portugal! If you want to stock up on some great basics without contributing to fast fashion (or breaking the bank), check this shop out!


You’ve probably heard of Kotn at this point, as it’s based right here in Toronto! Kotn is a certified B corporation providing ethically made home and apparel products. With every order, Kotn invests in the creation of jobs, infrastructure, education, sustainable growth, and more for the communities it’s a part of. At Kotn, you can find an assortment of timeless pieces made to last in your wardrobe (or home). 

Peace Collective

Peace Collective, known for its recognizable loungewear, has various sustainability initiatives in place. Including its “On Demand” practice, in which it creates the select pieces as they’re ordered to help minimize waste; its “Home Grown” practice, in which specific pieces are 100% Canadian built; and its “Recycled” practice, in which certain garments are made using recycled materials. With every Peace Collective order, the company gives back to the communities that need it most. 


The Australian brand, Boody, was founded in 2011 by 2 best friends and is now available all over the world! From the start, the goal was to create an eco-clothing brand with comfort and style and its core. Mission accomplished. All of its garments use viscose made from bamboo and are produced adhering to the highest standards for workers and the planet. While browsing, you’ll find tons of base-wear pieces that every wardrobe needs. 

Yes Friends

Yes Friends is a UK-Based company, but it also ships to Canada (we checked!) This shop has some of the most affordable sustainable pieces on the market that we’ve seen! Here are the brand’s simple yet effective sustainability initiatives: paying its staff/workers good wages, having a factory powered by wind and solar energy, offering pieces in classic silhouettes that will never go out of style, and using organic cotton to make its garments. It’s hard to believe a T-Shirt from Yes Friends is only $18!


ORAKI, based in Montreal, is a sustainable lifestyle brand making waves in the eco-conscious fashion space. The brand was founded by Cynthia Savard, who saw the effects of fast fashion causing havoc on the planet. To take matters into her own hands, she quit her corporate job to launch ORAKI in 2016 after spending 2 years of research to develop eco-fabrics. Its popular Ecomove High-Rise Legging is made from 12-15 recycled plastic bottles!


At first glance, Everlane may not be considered super affordable; however, for the quality of its pieces and frequent sales – you really can’t go wrong! Everlane partners with the best ethical factories around the world, sources high-quality, fine materials, and shares exactly how much it costs to make every product to be radically transparent with its customers. You can read more about the brand’s sustainability initiatives here!

Value Village 

Nothing will ever be more sustainable (or more affordable) than re-wearing and shopping secondhand. By thrifting you not only save money, but you also save pieces from potentially ending up in the landfill. Before doing any shopping it’s always a good idea to hit up your local Value Village, or thrift store first!

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