Airbnb’s new Program Offers Frontline Workers Free Accommodations

Airbnb's new Program Offers Frontline Workers Free Accommodations

It’s no secret that it’s our frontline workers that are helping to save the day. These folks are working countless hours and putting themselves in harms way by treating those who are actually suffering from COVID-19. In addition to all that, when they finally get to go home for the night, some are coming home to spouses and children and these doctors and nurses are terrified of passing on any germs to their loved ones. That’s where Airbnb comes in.

The accommodation service has just announced the launch of its new Frontline program that will supply frontline workers with a place to stay while serving or self-isolating.


“Accommodation for relief and medical workers, who have higher exposure to COVID-19, requires robust preventive practices and stringent safety standards,” the company said in a release. “Airbnb takes the health and safety of its community very seriously and has worked with leading experts and officials to develop a protocol for hosts who support this collective health effort.”

Airbnb is waiving its fees for the first 100,000 workers who sign up and they can submit their professional information and housing needs right on the Airbnb platform


Airbnb hosts who are looking to supply their home for the Frontline program are also able to sign up through the platform.

Once the form is completed, the workers will receive an email invitation that’ll show them what accommodations are available and how they can book. It’ll also allow the host to see that their guest is a frontline worker.

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