An OREO Pop-Up is Coming To Toronto For Just 3 Days


OREO cookies are basically what childhoods were made of. With its crisp, chocolate cookie and the fluffy creme-filled centre, honestly what more could we want? Well funny you should ask because an OREO pop-up is coming to Toronto and we couldn’t be more excited.

The OREO pop-up will be at Toronto’s Union Station for just three days and it’s all to celebrate the return of the limited-edition OREO Most Stuf cookie!


The Most Stuf cookie means that it’s filled with the most creme as possible — so if OREO’s Double Stuf isn’t enough for you, then you’ll want to try these. It’s at this pop-up where you can try flavour combinations of OREO’s Most Stuf cookie that aren’t available anywhere else in the world. Try flavour combos like:

  • The Crunchy Stuf: OREO Most Stuf cookie dipped in white chocolatey coating with kettle popcorn pieces
  • The Salty Stuf: OREO Most Stuf cookie dipped in milk chocolatey coating with crushed pretzel pieces
  • The Cup o’ Stuf: OREO Most Stuf cookie dipped in dark chocolatey coating with coffee flavour and mini crispy pearls 
  • The Spicy Stuf: OREO Most Stuf cookie dipped in dark chocolatey coating with cayenne pepper 
  • The Gold Stuf: OREO Most Stuf cookie dipped in gold chocolatey coating with golden flecks

The pop-up is open from January 30 until February 1 and can be found in the Front Street Promenade of Union station.

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