Starbucks Is Opening A Pick-Up Only Location In Toronto

Starbucks Is Opening A Pick-Up Only Location In Toronto
Starbucks Canada

Raise your hand if you absolutely despise waiting in a long line at Starbucks. Exactly. You’re probably stuck behind someone with a long list of complicated coffee orders and if you’re under-caffeinated, this process can be excruciating. However, Starbucks has heard our cries and is opening a pick-up only location in Toronto.

This is Starbucks’ second pick-up only location but it’s the first one in Canada. The first is located in New York City.

starbucks pick-up toronto

“This unique location was designed for an order-ahead experience,” says Michael Conway, president of Starbucks Canada. “Customers who Mobile Order & Pay with their Starbucks Rewards app will know exactly when their order is ready (thanks to a digital board that displays order status) and can pick up their handcrafted beverage and food items directly from a Starbucks barista.”

While the new store won’t be outfitted with seating, there will be display screens that’ll show order statuses so customers will know exactly when their orders are ready. 

The new Starbucks pick-up only location will be located in Commerce Court and is set to open February 4.

starbucks pick-up toronto

To join in on this new Starbucks excitement, just select PICKUP – Commerce Court when you’re ordering in the Starbucks app.

The pick-up only location will be open Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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