8 Starbucks Secrets To Know The Next Time You Stop In

8 Starbucks Secrets To Know The Next Time You Stop In

While your Starbucks barista is a friendly familiar face in your morning routine, there are certain insider secrets that they will never tell you. These little tricks of the trade will help you save, and will make your morning or afternoon pick me up even sweeter. It’s no secret that the premium coffee retailer isn’t cheap, with certain drinks being upwards of $5.00, so if you stop in at Starbucks frequently, there isn’t any shame in wanting to get the most bang for your buck and beverage. 

For the love of coffee, take a look at 8 Starbucks secrets your barista will never tell you below. 

Use The Starbucks App To Skip The Line

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This useful tip can be found on the Starbucks website if you know where to look! You’ll literally never wait in a Starbucks lineup again by ordering your coffee in advance. Simply download the Starbucks app, order + pay, and then head over to your local Starbucks and ask the barista for your drink. Voila! Time spent waiting equals zero minutes.

Ask The Barista To Use Less Ice In Any Cold Drinks

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The theory behind this tip is actually quite effective. By simply asking your barista for less ice in any cold beverages, they’ll end up putting in more coffee or liquid to take up the space. This practice definitely adds up, especially since a lot of cold drinks are filled to the brim with ice! Think about how much extra iced coffee you can be fitting in your cup.

Ask For Your Drink In A Larger Cup Than You Ordered

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How many times have you sacrificed room for milk or cream in an effort to get as much coffee into the cup? Well, you don’t need to make this sacrifice anymore! Next time you get a tall for example, ask for your order in a grande cup. The extra room will mean you are maximizing on the amount of coffee, yet will still have an abundance of room for milk or cream.

Don’t Buy Bottled Water When You Can Get Free Water

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Never purchased an overpriced bottle of water again. Instead, ask the barista for tap water in a cup the next time you are feeling parched and they’ll give it to you free of charge. Water is water whether or not it comes from a tap or a bottle. Let’s not pretend we’re out here ordering sparkling all day, everyday. 

Order An Iced Tea Without Water To Make It Stronger

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If you’re into strongly flavoured teas or want an extra kick of caffeine in your shaken iced tea drink, ask for it to be made without water. Usually, your barista will prepare pitchers of iced tea that are double in strength because it gets added to water when making the beverage. Ditch the water and you’ll immediately get a way stronger and more flavourful drink. 

Finish Your Coffee Before You Leave Starbucks And Get A Free Refill

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Surprisingly, very few people know that you can get free refills of hot or iced coffee, or hot or cold tea. The first step towards your free refill is having a registered Starbucks card or mobile app. Once you have this, use the app or card to make your purchase, and then get a free refill when you finish your beverage without leaving the store. The key here is not to leave Starbucks and come back, as the act of leaving will make your next drink a “new purchase.”

Ask For A Blended Iced Coffee Instead Of Ordering A Pricy Frappuccino

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Frappuccinos are incredibly delicious, but they’re also one of the more pricer options on the menu. If you’re craving something frothy, ask your barista to make you a blended iced coffee for the same effect, but for less money. First, choose your cup size, then ask for milk and/or sweetener, and finally, kindly, ask your barista to blend it. Once blended, you’ll have successfully ordered a poor mans frappuccino. 

Don’t Order An Iced Mocha When You Can Just Add Mocha Syrup

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An iced mocha is another expensive treat you love to hate. Next time you’re in the mood for something sweet, just ask your barista to add mocha syrup to a regular iced coffee, and you’ll get a similar if not identical tasting drink for way less. 

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