Tim Hortons Is Launching Timbits Cereal Across Canada

Tim Hortons Is Launching Timbits Cereal Across Canada
Post Foods

Looking to take your love of Tim Hortons to a whole other level? Then you’re in luck because the proudly Canadian coffee and donut chain has partnered with Post Foods to launch Tim Hortons Timbits cereal.

Starting in early 2020, Post Timbits Chocolate Glazed Cereal and Post Timbits Birthday Cake Cereal will be available in major grocery stores across Canada.


“We all know how hard it is to resist Timbits®, so we are very excited to be able to bring the fun of enjoying Timbits® to cereal bowls across the country,” said David Bagozzi, Vice President of Marketing, Post Foods Canada in a release. “I know from my own experience how beloved Timbits® are – based entirely on how quickly they disappear whenever someone brings a box into the office! And with two of Canada’s favourite Timbits® flavours available in our new cereals, breakfast time will have a whole new element of fun for the entire family.”

“We’re excited to be launching one of Canada’s favourite snacks in cereal form so Canadians can enjoy two of our delicious Timbits® flavours in a whole new way,” said Samuel Heath, Head of Retail, Tim Hortons. “The two-bite Timbits® Canadians have loved since 1976 can now be enjoyed as an even more bite sized treat with milk in cereal bowls coast to coast.” 

Post Foods

This is amazing news to anyone who loves to eat donuts (or more specifically, Timbits) for breakfast because now it’s totally acceptable with this new cereal.

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