SD Test: Are Lash Lifts And Extensions Really Worth It?

SD Test: Are Lash Lifts And Extensions Really Worth It?

Eyelashes seem to be quite the hot topic these days from eyelash serums that promise fluffy, fluttering lashes, to extensions that’ll have you looking like you woke up camera-ready. When The SD team heard about a new beauty studio that specializes in all things lashes, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience it for ourselves.

B.Beautiful is owned and founded by Brittni Alexandra who, at just 25-years old, is an expertly trained beauty guru. Focusing on all things lashes and brows, Brittni offers additional services like microblading, brow tinting, waxing, and more.

styledemocracy lash lift extensions review

StyleDemocracy’s Sosa and Blair ran over to B.Beautiful to see what all the hype was about. Sosa opted to go for mega volume lash extensions, while Blair jumped at the chance to experience a lash lift and tint.

If you’re curious about getting a lash lift or lash extensions, read on to find out what each process is like and what the pros and cons are!

Eyelash Extensions

styledemocracy lash lift extensions review

I was super excited for the opportunity to get mega volume lashes for the first time ever at B.Beautiful! I’m no stranger to the lash game and typically, when I’m not sporting strip lashes, I have volume lash extensions on.

I’m always seeking a lash technician that can make my lashes super fluffy, wispy, and voluminous — and to be honest, it hasn’t been easy! There have been more occasions than not, that I’ve opened my eyes after an application and have been secretly disappointed in the lack of volume in my extensions.

To my delight, Brittni did an amazing job at creating a dramatic lash line for me whilst still keeping them tasteful. Even though I wanted mega volume, there is such thing as TOO much volume when it comes to lashes!

Mega lashes are not for the faint of heart! If you’re a beginner, but want to add a little extra oomph, I’d suggest starting off with classics or volume lashes. However, if you’re a self-admitted lash addict like myself, and don’t mind the daily upkeep, then MEGA it up!


You Wake Up Looking Like That

It’s as if you’ve already applied your strip lashes for the day! My lashes are so voluminous that the lash definition is visible on video and in photos. This is perfect for anyone who needs to be camera-ready at a moments notice.

You Don’t Even Need Mascara

Brittni emphasizes that there is absolutely no mascara allowed. This is because with such a heavy lash, the lashes are already accumulating a lot of dust as it is. The use of mascara will only add unnecessary dust and bacteria and will make the cleansing of the lashes much more difficult.

Perfect For Busy Babes

Having lash extensions will save you a good 10-15 minutes in the morning. That time you would spend applying strip lashes or eye makeup can now be spent sleeping in or indulging in a second cup of coffee!

Minimal Effort

The mega volume lashes have you feeling and looking glamorous with minimal effort if you take care of them properly.

styledemocracy lash lift extensions review


Known For Being High Maintenance

In comparison to other lash extensions, mega volume lashes have a tendency to fall out at a more rapid pace. Brittni also mentioned that keeping the lashes as dry as possible is also important.

You Must Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on your side or stomach will cripple your lashes and increase the fall out rate significantly.

Refills Are Required More Often

This is because when you lose a ‘lash’ you’re losing about 2 or more lashes that have been clustered together at a time.

No Eye Rubbing

With mega volume lashes, you must be extremely mindful of rubbing your eyes. If you’re prone to rubbing them or have sensitive eyes, these extensions might not be for you!

Lash Lift & Tint

styledemocracy lash lift extensions review

As someone with eyelashes that are about medium length, I’ve always been happy with a few coats of mascara and an eyelash curler to complete my beauty look.

Even with my satisfactory lashes, I began to get very curious when my Instagram discovery feed was filled with videos of lash lifts and tints. What do these processes entail? Do they hurt and better yet — what do they cost? Well, when an email landed in my inbox about the opening of B. Beautiful, I knew I had to pop in!

Because I wear contact lenses everyday, my biggest concern was if I needed to remove them or not (you do, and should!) Brittni answered all my questions and after popping out my contacts, we got started.

First, Brittni placed a patch under my eye that sat on top of my lower lashes. This is to ensure that the lower lashes don’t accidentally get curled. Then, a silicone patch went onto my closed eyelid. This is where my lashes will get swept up onto with the lifting serum. This was the part that I thought might hurt but it didn’t — not at all, in fact. Brittni left the serum on for about 10 minutes, then applied another serum to de-neutralize the lifting serum. This is to basically stop the curling process.

After the lifting process, Brittni got started on my tint. The options for colour are black, or a more blue-ish black. I opted for a mix of the two and then it was all over!

Overall, the process was so easy and so fun. I honestly thought I’d be bored out of my mind as I’d be laying down for almost an hour, but Brittni is so lovely to chat with that the time flew by! I was able to put my contacts back in right away and when I could actually see the results, I was so pleased. I’m so happy with my lashes and they’re definitely even stronger than they were before!


No Mascara Needed

Once you indulge in a lash lift and tint, the need for mascara basically goes out the window. My lashes are looking super long and because they’re tinted, it looks like I have a natural looking mascara on 24/7.

Low Maintenance

Even though I’m a beauty junkie, I still don’t want to spend all day looking after my lashes. A lash lift sounds dramatic but the result is really natural looking and understated. As an editor, I’m constantly running around from the office, to events and I have no time to be running to the ladies room to ensure my lashes are still intact.

No Upkeep

Brittni says that lash lifts require no upkeep but eventually your lashes will go back to how they were before.

styledemocracy lash lift extensions review


Careful If You Have Sensitive Eyes

I have SUPER sensitive eyes and while my lash lift and tint was pain-free, I did experience a bit of stinging at the very end when I opened my eyes. It wasn’t anything to worry about, Brittni just fanned my eyes and within a minute, I was good to go!

Don’t Expect A Crazy, Dramatic Difference

The results definitely vary depending on what your natural lashes are like but regardless, don’t expect to look like you got lash extensions. I was pleasantly surprised with my results, but Brittni did tell us that some folks are disappointed when they open their eyes and they don’t look like they have extensions.

Featured Image: B.Beautiful

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