10 of the Best Value Village Locations to Shop at in the GTA

10 of the Best Value Village Locations to Shop at in the GTA

The nature of thrifting is always hit or miss, however where you’re thrifting can totally affect your success rate. If you’re someone who’s new to the world of thrifting, it can be challenging to find your favourite locations, especially when it comes to Value Village. As you get comfortable with thrifting, you’ll soon find your go-to spots where you seem to have the most luck. Some locations are more organized than others, and some are just over-crowded, and seem to always be picked over. There are pros and cons of a quiet Value Village just as much as a busy one — it’s all about preference, but we’re here to help you experiment to help you find your top spots. We know that thrifting at Value Village requires some patience, but opting to shop there over chain stores or even curated thrift stores will definitely help you save.

Here are the best Value Village locations to shop at in the GTA.

70 Bristol Rd E, Mississauga

This Mississauga Value Village is a huge location with a great selection. It’s one of the more organized Value Village’s which always makes it easier to sift through the racks, especially if you’re a thrifting newbie!

2030 Appleby Line, Burlington

This Value Village is located in Burlington, about an hour away from Toronto and it’s known to be super clean and organized! It’s also rarely busy, which is always nice. It has a great selection of various types of clothing, so regardless of your style, there’s something at this Value Village for everybody.

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1525 Victoria Park Ave

This Scarborough Value Village is a favourite for many. It’s known to have a great selection of name brands and high-end finds but obviously, there are no guarantees when it comes to thrifting. However, a lot of people have had a good record of success at this location, plus, it’s one of Value Village’s larger locations, so there’s more to go around. 

10620 Yonge St, Richmond Hill

This gem of a Value Village is located in Richmond Hill and has a large selection with tons of variety across all genres — not just limited to apparel. This spot is also known to be very clean and tidy, which seems to be a running trend in the best Value Villages!

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50 Horseshoe Crescent, Hamilton

This GTA Value Village is a little bit off to the sides in the suburbs, which is a general thrifting life hack! Some of the best Value Village locations are hidden in smaller cities, or hidden in the suburbs because in general, they are picked over less. Let’s face it, thrifting isn’t a secret anymore and people are quick to grab the good finds, so sometimes searching through a lesser-known Value Village is worth it!

924 Queen St E, Toronto

Although this location is on the smaller side, that doesn’t mean you can’t score. This VV tends to be busier, but that just means it’s constantly rotating inventory. Another great thing about this one is that it’s in such a prime area of the city, which means people are constantly donating here. This location has a great jewelry selection in particular, which is a great tip for those of you looking to build your jewelry collection! Value Village is a great way to get more with your budget. Pro tip: there are often quality pieces behind the glass at the front.

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1319 Bloor St W, Toronto

This Toronto Value Village located on Bloor Street West has a great reputation for its great selection! While this location is on the busier side, folks say there’s a quick turnaround with clothing constantly coming out on the floor as fast as it leaves. So, if you don’t mind a little competition from savvy thrifters, check out this Value Village location!

45 Woodbine Downs Blvd, Toronto

This Value Village is located in the Etobicoke area and is another one totally worth checking out. People say the prices at this location are on point as well and there’s also a great selection — what more could you want in a thrift store? This location also has a ton of inventory and is quite organized for the amount of inventory, as well.

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530 Fennell Ave E, Hamilton

This Hamilton Value Village is a large location with tons to go around! Every department at this VV is almost always fully stocked, so if you’re looking to go on a bit of a shopping spree this one may be worth checking out. 

1030 Wilson Ave, North York

This GTA Value Village in North York is a VV location with a huge selection, and it’s not limited to just clothing! Always remember Value Village also carries books, movies, video games, furniture, and more. This spot is super spacious which always makes it easier to sift through and spot those rare thrift finds we are all keeping an eye out for.

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