I Tried Thrifting For Meghan Markle Inspired Clothing – Here’s How It Went

I Tried Thrifting For Meghan Markle Inspired Clothing - Here’s How It Went
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Not only is Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex extremely inspiring because how she challenges norms and traditions, she’s also recognized for being progressive. This obviously includes how her and Prince Harry most recently stepped down as senior member of the royal family, resulting in the breakage of the internet. Aside from being a royal, Meghan is also a huge fashion and style icon, and folks are always clambering to see what she’ll wear next. Even before she was a royal, Meghan always pushed the fashion envelope and nowadays, her style is definitely more polished but you have to admit it’s much more unique compared to the (sometimes) matronly outfits traditionally seen on other royal family members. Since people seem to love dressing like Meghan Markle, I thought I’d give it a try, only at the thrift store.

Keep reading to see how I did thrifting for Meghan Markle inspired clothing!

While thrifting Meghan Markle inspired clothing, I used pictures of some of my favourite outfits she’s worn for inspiration. I went with more of a casual approach since I thought that would be more attainable to find at the thrift store. Plus, I wanted to find pieces that were more wearable. I had a selection of photos saved to reference to see what I could find.

I didn’t find an outfit for every outfit photo I saved, but I did end up putting together four outfits, which I don’t think is half bad since we all know that shopping at a thrift store can be a hit or miss experience sometimes.

Outfit #1:

I loved this outfit of Meghan wearing an oversized blazer with a white button down, and black jeans. This outfit it pretty straight forward, and I love everything about how she styled it, so I tried to do the exact same.

I found a pair of black skinny jeans in my size, which is pretty lucky because finding a great pair of pants while thrifting can prove to be a challenge.

meghan markle

I also found a crisp white button down, however the one I found had a subtle pattern going on. Even though the button down shirt wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, the heart of this whole outfit is the blazer. I scored a blazer with a really similar pattern to one she is wearing in this picture, and it’s a size larger than what I usually go for which gives it the perfect oversized look. The main difference between the blazer I found and the one Meghan’s wearing is the one I have has some subtle leather detailing on it which I really don’t mind because I think it adds a bit of edginess to whole ensemble.

Outfit #2:

In this picture Meghan is serving us ultimate travel outfit goals. I love the casual vibe of this ensemble and even though it’s from before she was a royal, I think it still counts!

I went on the hunt for some looser, ripped jeans but I was out of luck and went with this high-rise pair. I cuffed the jeans I found and paired them with the same button down from the last outfit, and rolled up the sleeves à la MM. I attempted to change up the shirt by tucking it in loosely, and I kept couple buttons undone. The shirt she’s wearing is a more relaxed fit than the one I found, but overall you can’t go wrong with a classic look like this.

Outfit #3:

I love this outfit because although it’s a more professional business look, it’s still extremely chic and wearable!

meghan markle

For this outfit I found a cute black blazer that is more of a cropped style since the one Meghan’s wearing is pretty tailored, unlike the oversized blazer from before. I paired the blazer with matching black trousers and belted it with a smaller square buckle, similar to the one Meghan is wearing. Lastly, I added a plain white t-shirt to complete the look. This is definitely a great outfit for work but it could also be glammed up for a night out Markle-style!

Outfit #4:

Last but not least, this is my favourite outfit because what’s not to love about a Canadian tuxedo?!

meghan markle

I think Meghan pulled off this look so well that I had to try and recreate it.

I started out with a pair of standard blue jeans, that are pretty similar in colour to the pair that Meghan is wearing. To go with it, I stumbled upon a denim button down shirt, which wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be because the thrift store I went to actually had a decent amount to choose from.

I was beyond thrilled to find a very close match to the coat MM is wearing, which in all honestly puts this whole look together!

To complete the look, I wanted to find a large boxy bag like the one in the photo but I had no luck finding one in blue. I ended up settling for this brown one which is still very cute. I finished off the whole ensemble with a pair of black flats that unfortunately didn’t have the cute ankle ties like the ones Meghan is wearing, but these one definitely still work.

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