I Tried Thrift Store Shopping for Workout Gear – Here’s How It Went

I Tried Thrift Store Shopping for Workout Gear – Here’s How It Went

The new year is a common time for folks to set goals and reflect on ways to better themselves, especially goals that are somewhat time measurable. One of my personal resolutions is to get fit and maintain a healthier relationship with fitness. A main thing that inspires me to workout is new and cute workout gear, and I’m sure I’m not alone on this. The reality is when you feel cute and confident, you’re likely to be more productive in whatever it is you’re doing, including exercise!

Of course, shopping for workout gear can get to be pretty expensive, and overspending on clothes probably isn’t the best way to start out the new year — especially when you can find everything you need at your local thrift store.

I went to my local Value Village to try and update the workout gear in my wardrobe, keep reading to see what I found!

workout gear

The first outfit I tried on is head to toe Lululemon! I was especially excited to find a pair of Lululemon leggings as they usually retail for around $100 and these were only $12 at the thrift store. The bad news is I already own these exact leggings – and I paid full price!

This is a perfect example of why you should remain patient when looking for something at the thrift store. I paired the leggings with a cute Lululemon purple tank top that had a built-in sports bra. Then I completed the look with a pink Lululemon sweater to make it a whole set.

Surprisingly there were actually quite a few Lululemon sweaters to choose from.

The next outfit is something you’d most likely see me in while working out. I’m wearing the same Lululemon leggings with a baggy Adidas t-shirt and some bright green New Balance sneakers I found in my size. Pro tip: oversized tees are super easy to find when thrifting so there really is no need to buy them brand new.

workout gear

I’m all about the comfort most of the time when working out, and to me a pair of leggings and a larger tee is what I’m usually most comfortable in at the gym.

Again I’m in the same Lululemon leggings as before but this time I paired them with a Puma sports bra and an Adidas zip-up sweater.

Working out without a sports bra sounds kind of torturous and they can get to be pretty expensive, especially if it’s a name brand.

Because of this, there’s no shame finding some good sports bras when thrifting. When I’m at home I often will workout in just a sports bra and leggings, but sometimes it’s nice to start your workout in a sweater.

This workout outfit is the ultimate cozy fit.

workout gear

Sometimes you just want to wear sweats when working out, and that’s totally fine. I’m wearing a grey Nike zip-up hoodie with a TNA workout tank paired with some grey sweats I actually found in the men’s section. When dressing in all sweats I prefer to keep it neutral and not too bright, so finding this look in all grey was perfect for me!

The next outfit I put together I switched out the Lululemon leggings for a pair of cropped Nike leggings that have reflective detailing which makes them perfect for running.

The best part of this outfit is the amazing Nike windbreaker I found. Having a nice workout jacket/windbreaker is essential when building your workout collection, especially if you want to enjoy some outdoor activities such as hiking or biking! Working out doesn’t always have to be in a gym.

The thrift store is a great place to find great windbreakers, especially cool vintage style ones.

The last outfit I put together consists of the same Nike leggings but this time I paired them with a bright neon orange top from Victoria’s Secret PINK.

workout gear

The shirt was made out of a stretchy, thin fabric and it’s super soft and comfortable — perfect for working out.

Overall I would say this thrift-trip was a success because after seeing what can be found at the thrift store, I would have a hard time paying full price for workout gear.

Something I did find more challenging was finding good sneakers as shoes are always a little more tricky as the sizing is more sensitive than clothing. That being said, again, patience when thrift store shopping is key. 

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