BiWay Will Be Reopening This Summer

BiWay Will Be Reopening This Summer

Last year, Canadians were surprised with a blast from the past: BiWay, the beloved discount store that shuttered in 2001, announced that it would be reopening stores in the summer of 2019.

Up until now, news about the opening has remained under wraps, and the proposed launch date has come and gone. But in a recent interview with Retail Insider, BiWay owner, Mal Coven, announced a new opening date and location.

The BiWay reopening is slated to happen this August 2020 in Toronto.

The location will open on Orfus Road, a popular destination for discount stores just south of Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Retail Insider reports that it will be located next to a brand new Roots Last Chance outlet store.

The new BiWay stores will focus on value-based product — nothing in the store will be over $10.

For example, items can be purchased one for $10, two for $10, three for $10, four for $10, etc.

Mal Coven also notes that the new concepts will be modernized, matching interactive strategies that we see in many retailers such as events like live book readings from book authors featured in BiWay.

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In terms of product offerings, the merchandise will span over multiple categories.

Shoppers can expect to see name brand childrenswear — about 35% of the store will focus on this — as well as home goods, ladies wear, menswear, food, health, and beauty items.

If the concept is well received, shoppers can expect to see more BiWay stores open across Canada.

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