7 Books On Our TBR List This Summer

7 Books On Our TBR List This Summer

There’s something special about reading a book on a warm summer evening. Whether it be at the beach, or relaxing on your couch with the curtains open, reading in the summertime is so underrated! We find our TBR list tends to shift a bit in the summer towards more easy reads. Page-turners some may say. From romance to mystery, we’ll be crossing all of these books off our TBR list over the summer months!

Here’s what books we’re reading this summer

Happy Place - Emily Henry

Happy Place – Emily Henry

Happy Place, by Emily Henry, is about a couple who broke up months ago, but make a pact to pretend they are still together for their annual week-long vacation with their friends. One last time. It’s the perfect young-love novel, based in the summertime.

$24.98 @ Amazon
The Whispers - Ashley Audrain

The Whispers – Ashley Audrain

The Whispers doesn’t sound like a light-read in the slightest, but everyone seems to be talking about it this summer! A mother’s son falls out of a window and ends up fighting for his life in the hospital. Over the course of 3 days, the women of the neighbourhood grapple with what led to that terrible night and explore the quiet sacrifices of motherhood.

$14.79 @ Amazon
Sunshine Nails - Mai Nguyen

Sunshine Nails – Mai Nguyen

Based in Toronto, Sunshine Nails is about a Vietnamese couple who gave made a good life for themselves in the city and own a family-run nail salon – Sunshine Nails. When their landlord increases their rent and new competitors move into the neighbourhood, the family is terrified of losing the business and community they’ve worked so hard to build.

$18.74 @ Amazon
The Housemaid - Freida McFadden

The Housemaid – Freida McFadden

The Housemaid seems to be on a lot of people’s TBR lists, as it keeps selling out in stores! Luckily, you can still find it on Amazon. The book is about a young woman who got a job as a maid, and the working conditions are less than ideal. But with her criminal record, she can’t find work anywhere else, so she sticks it out. However, things are even worse (and more sinister) than she realizes, until it may be too late.

$13.52 @ Amazon
It Starts With Us - Colleen Hoover

It Starts With Us – Colleen Hoover

If you’ve read It Ends With Us and loved it, you should definitely give It Starts With Us a read, too! The story is told switching between the perspectives of Lily and Atlas as Lily navigates a second-chance at love. While co-parenting with her jealous (and abusive) ex-husband.

$13.78 @ Amazon
A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses

If you love Fantasy, this one is for you! A Court of Thorns and Roses is about a huntress who kills a wolf in the woods, then gets dragged into a treacherous magical land she knows about only from legends.

$17.97 @ Amazon
Atomic habits - James Clear

Atomic habits – James Clear

Of course, we had to add at least one self-help book on the list. Summer is the perfect time to work on some new habits! Atomic Habits by James Clear is said to completely re-shape the way you think about progress and success while giving you the tools and strategies you need to transform your habits.

$23.27 @ Amazon

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