4 Retailers that Offer Buyback Programs in Canada

Buyback programs are a popular service helping to put money back into shoppers’ pockets. Here’s a roundup of the retailers offering buyback programs in Canada.
4 Retailers that Offer Buyback Programs in Canada

I’m desperately in need of a new tablet! The iPad I purchased a few years back was bought on a whim and I didn’t take into consideration how I’d be using my tablet for more than just watching Netflix. As a result, I’m doing some comparison shopping for new tech toys and came across a popular service offered by some retailers to help put money back in shoppers’ pockets.

Retailer ‘Buyback Programs’ are nothing new (often referred to as ‘trade-in’ programs).  Buyback programs ensure that used electronics are disposed of responsibly and/or salvaged and provide customers with a discount towards the purchase of a replacement product.

Buyback programs have been helping consumers upgrade their mobile devices for years. Now, retailers are buying back more than just cell phones; they’re offering rebates for all types of electronics ranging from laptops to cameras. Here’s a roundup of the retailers offering buyback programs in Canada.

Best Buy Canada

Best Buy’s Trade In Program offers customers the opportunity to receive a best buy gift card in exchange for gently used iPods and MP3s, tablets, cell phones, laptops, Macbook, games and gaming consoles. Trade in values are determined by the age, condition and original accessories and packaging brought in alongside your product. Tip: track down all of those manuals and cables that came with your item in order to get the highest return on your trade in.  

Apple Canada

Apple’s Trade Up Program allows Mac and PC owners to get an estimate on the value of their current device in exchange for cash (that’s right, you don’t even have to purchase your replacement device at Apple). Apple has partnered with Phobio to facilitate the online trade-in process. After answering a few short questions about your device and inputting its serial number, you’ll get an idea of your device’s value and can choose to ship it in for a credit using a prepaid shipping label provided by Phobio.

Microsoft Canada

Microsoft’s Trade In & Save Program is geared towards customers wanting to upgrade to a new Surface. Bring your old laptop, tablet, phone, or gaming console into a Microsoft Store and if after an assessment they determine that it has value, you’ll receive a Microsoft Store credit. If your item doesn’t have any value, Microsoft will wipe your data and safely recycle the device for you.


Henry’s Trade It, Upgrade It Program makes upgrading your film camera or DSLR easy. Henry’s will gladly buy back your second-hand equipment and give you a store credit to use towards a purchase. Trade-in values vary depending on the condition of an item. When upgrading to new and pre-order devices, Henry’s often offers special ‘enhanced’ trade-in values to increase the credit received from your used device (this can be up to $200 in added savings).

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