9 Brilliant Ways To Score Cheaper Concert Tickets

9 Brilliant Ways To Score Cheaper Concert Tickets

Finding out an artist or band you love is going on tour is thrilling. However, most often than not, the price of tickets to the show can be a bummer. Concert tickets can be atrociously expensive (like, taking a tropical vacation kind of expensive).

It has, unfortunately, been the reality when buying concert tickets for years now, and seemingly, the costs are still rising thanks to scalpers and bots. Having to miss a concert due to affordability is irritating to say the least, so we have some tips and tricks to score cheaper concert tickets that will hopefully help you out!

Keep reading for 8 ways to score cheaper concert tickets.

Don’t Miss The Presale 

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The presale for concert tickets is your chance to grab tickets before they are being sold to the general public. Buying presale helps avoid the risk of the concert tickets being snatched before the resale bots get a hold of them. Resale tickets can get much more expensive, especially if it’s a concert that’s going to be popular. Ticketmaster is the most popular website to buy concert tickets on, plus you can better your chances of getting access to presales by signing up for an American Express card for special benefits including access to advanced tickets. Keeping your eye on social media like Twitter to find the promo codes for presales is also a great idea — use the Twitter Advanced Search function to find the code you’re looking for quicker.

Be Ready and Fast

When buying tickets online during general sale, it’s basically a race, be ready with everything you need to buy the tickets as soon as possible. Have the tab open (only one tab if possible as multiple tabs can make you look suspicious and your sale may even get canceled!) Have your card out, and GO! 

Increase Your Odds By Enlisting Help From Friends

Increase your odds of buying tickets during general sale by teaming up with friends in hopes that someone makes it to the cash out. Be communicative through this process to avoid accidentally buying more tickets than you really need.

Split Up From Your Crew

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Tickets are more expensive when the number you need is increased. If you’re trying to buy a whole row of seats together, it could be a lot pricier. Even the jump from two people to three people sitting together increases the price significantly so it might be worth it to split from your friend crew. If you’re really trying to save money, go solo! Solo tickets are the cheapest of all, as the venue wants to fill those gaps. 

Opt For Seats In The Back

They don’t call them the cheap seats for nothing! The further away from the stage you are, the cheaper your tickets will be. If you don’t mind not having the best view of the band, why not opt for seats in the higher up sections of the venue?

Take A Quick Road Trip


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If you live in a large city like Toronto or Vancouver, try checking if the concert is playing in any neighbouring smaller cities. Ticket prices tend to be higher in larger cities since the demand is higher. A small road trip may be worth it, if the savings are significant. 

Enter All The Contests & Giveaways 

Stay up to date on your fave band’s social media and pay attention to your local radio stations when a concert you’d like to see is coming into your town. Ticket giveaways aren’t uncommon and even though the odds of winning may be slim, it could be your lucky day.

Don’t Give Up!

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Very last minute tickets tend to be cheaper than other tickets, it may be worth it if you’re willing to take the risk. Resellers will often drop the price if tickets haven’t been selling right up until the actual concert. So keep on checking back and you may just get lucky. 

Look out for promotion codes for resale website like SeatGeek

SeatGeek, in particular, is known for its collaborations with social media influencers, so there’s always a code floating around somewhere. While the savings won’t be huge — think $10-20 off your purchase — any saving is better than nothing, right?

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