The Cheapest Destinations To Travel To From Canada From October To December

The Cheapest Destinations To Travel To From Canada From October To December

With the summer coming to a close, it’s hard not to start feeling some type of way about it. Even if you’re not in school, spotting back-to-school promotions and pre-mature Halloween displays signal that cold weather is coming…no matter how hard we try to avoid it.

But escaping seasonal blues is as simple as giving yourself something to look forward to — like booking yourself a wallet-friendly vacation. Plus, you deserve it! You put in work over the summer and you’re going to be putting in even more work over the fall and winter, so the least you can do for yourself is take a little vacation.

Luckily, Kayak has done most of the legwork to help us find the cheapest destinations to travel to from Canada.

cheapest destinations from canada

Scanning the internet for the best flight deals, Kayak has compiled a list of the top three cheapest destinations to visit round trip from six major Canadian cities. All of the prices listed below are the median Canadian price.

Take a peek at the cheapest destinations from Canada to travel to:


San Juan, Puerto Rico — $561
Panama City, Panama — $612
San Jose, Costa Rica — $634


Osaka, Japan — $677
Dublin, Ireland — $684
Reykjavik, Iceland — $738


Panama City, Panama — $540
San Jose, Costa Rica — $596
Bogota, Columbia — $610


Montego Bay, Jamaica — $677
San Jose, Costa Rica — $737
Dublin, Ireland — $776


Belize City, Belize — $533
Nassau, Bahamas — $557
San Juan, Puerto Rico — $557


San Juan, Puerto Rico — $532
Belize City, Belize — $578
Panama City, Panama — $583

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