Citizens Of Style: Desiree Girlato Shows Us How To Style 1 Necklace 5 Ways

Citizens Of Style: Desiree Girlato Shows Us How To Style 1 Necklace 5 Ways

At StyleDemocracy, we believe that everyone should be equipped with great style, and that’s why we’re introducing the Citizens Of Style. In this series, we’ll be tapping into the brains of friends and experts for their tips, tricks, and advice on all things beauty, fashion, retail, and shopping. 

Since 2011, the Toronto-based jewelry brand, Armed, has been dressing the city’s most stylish in bold and beautiful accessories. And behind every great brand stands an even more fashionable designer.

Desiree Girlato is the founder, creator, and curator of each and every piece that you see in stores or online. From dainty, fine necklaces to big, bold statement necklaces, Armed jewelry was made to empower and arm its wearers with style and the confidence to take each day head on.

However, if you’ve only got room (or budget) for one key piece, Armed’s pieces are versatile enough to elevate any outfit, whether it’s for the office, a formal event, day-to-day, or on vacation.

Desiree Girlato stopped by our studio to show us five different ways to style one Armed piece: the Big Link Lariat. Take a peek at how she styles it below.

Shop the Big Link Lariat ($100) on

Visit Armed in Toronto at 1024 Dundas St. West, 1380 Queen St. West, or online at

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