Yorkdale’s New CONCEPT Pop Up Boutique Offers Exclusive Culinary Dishes

Black Friday shopping is exciting and exhausting at the same time. Luckily Yorkdale has CONCEPT 0.4 – the new pop-up shop that will help restore your energy
Yorkdale’s New CONCEPT Pop Up Boutique Offers Exclusive Culinary Dishes

It’s Black Friday, which means it’s pretty much shopping season! Everyone knows searching for the perfect colors and fabric takes a lot of energy and extreme focus. After delayed lines for the change room (to squeeze into those jeans you’ve been wanting,) to FINALLY waiting to pay, you’re absolutely exhausted. At this point, you feel a little annoyed and pretty hungry – what some might call ‘hangry.’ Luckily, malls have started carrying quality food, with tons of variety as well. Yorkdale in specific has taken a whole new approach and we love it.

Check out the newest round of pop-up vendors at Yorkdale’s CONCEPT pop-up boutique. Take a bite out of Toronto’s best street food while shopping. This permanent space will give way for innovative brands to anchor their position at the stunning shopping mall. The most popular and exclusive dishes from Cheesecake (on a stick) by Heirloom, French Toasted by Fidel Gastro’s, Buster’s Sea Cove, Me.n.u and Chatime are being served until February 28 and available for pick up through Ritual.

Here’s a little peek at what’s going on inside:

Buster’s Sea Cove cooks up incredible flavors from the Mediterranean. Specializing in grilled seafood sandwiches and deep fried fish, quickly becoming a street food attraction when it launched Buster’s Food Truck in 2011.

Chatime offers 100+ innovative delicious authentic Taiwanese tea beverages in over 1000 locations worldwide! Get your limited edition Chatime glass bottles ONLY AVAILABLE here at the Yorkdale pop-up.

Served on a stick, Cheesecake by Heirloom offers homemade slices of New York-style cheesecake, dipped in Belgium chocolate ganache and garnished with your favourite toppings. Order gold chocolate-covered “The Golden Ticket” and find one of five lucky tickets and you could win free food for life from Heirloom!

Me.n.u is bringing a selection of Asian-inspired street food dishes to Yorkdale. Their menu items are designed to create a memorable culinary experience for their customers, bringing people and cultures together through food.
The creators of Lisa Marie and Priscilla bring you: French Toasted by Fidel Gastro’s. Owner Matt Basile has created three delicious French Toast concoctions: S’mores French Toast, The Elvis and The Tex Mex that will satisfy all your cravings, whether they be sweet or savory.

These food vendors are ready to satisfy all your holiday needs and beyond that. Located at the Southeast corner of the shopping centre (near the TTC entrance.)

Would you visit Yorkdale’s CONCEPT 0.4? Let us know in the comments below.

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