This Canadian Duo Creates Custom Furniture That’s Affordable

This Canadian Duo Creates Custom Furniture That's Affordable

Recently, there has been a major change with homeowners and condo residents ditching manufactured furniture for something that not only matches their personality but actually fits their space, too. Going custom doesn’t always mean spending the big bucks, but it does mean quality and longevity.

Torontonians, Issac Daniel and Mackenzie Jackson ditched their day jobs to pursue more fulfilling passions and decided to start making custom designed furniture. They wanted to make it more accessible for a generation with empty pockets but also with great taste. The two brought together their individual talents, with Isaac creating concepts and bringing them to life, and Mackenzie managing branding and operations to create Caveman Build And Supply

The up-and-coming entrepreneurs specialize in custom wood & metal creations and have already built furniture for local hot spots in Toronto, Belfast Love and Cano. 

We realized that people were tired of generic mass-produced furniture and that they yearned to materialize their ideas, without blowing their savings,” Isaac says. “We’ve made it a lot more advantageous to go the hand-crafted route because we offer flexibility when it comes to certain elements, while still fitting their various desires.

As Ontario Wood Partners, Caveman Build And Supply work with the finest locally sourced woods, from oak and walnut to maple and pine, as well as metal, stone, and glass, all from their workspace located in the Junction Triangle. By cutting out the middleman and working one-on-one with clients, they’re able to minimize costs and build truly custom designs to fit the needs of individuals and companies, working from a simple idea to 3D renderings, all the way to the finished product.

Check out their Instagram to see more of their custom furniture.

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