Dyson Demo Store Has Arrived in Canada

Dyson Demo Store Has Arrived in Canada

Super exciting news! Dyson opens its first store in Canada today, with the Dyson Demo store at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto! The whole concept of the store is for customers to participate in interactive demonstrations, with experts present and available to answer questions.

Dyson, as a brand, is famous for its visually appealing products and sleek and innovative technology. Their first store truly reflects what makes the brand so appealing. With 2,000 square feet, it is perfectly designed to encourage people to pick up and test the products. “It is by picking up and experiencing Dyson products that you are able to understand why and how we use new technology to improve performance,” remarked Jake Dyson, Research and Development Director. We couldn’t agree more! We have been pretty obsessed with Dyson for a while, but after checking out the new Dyson Demo store we even more mesmerized. Now, you can have a better understanding of the advanced technology behind these stunning products.

Here are FIVE good reasons you need to check out the brand new Dyson Demo store:

(1) Free Blowouts

Yes, you heard us right! At any time, walk in, sit down, and get a free blowout with the brand-new Dyson Supersonic™. The hairdryer is unique because it’s extra light and dries hair quicker than others. It regulates the temperature to prevent heat damage on your hair.  The specially trained technicians will teach you how to use the blow dryer so you can replicate your blowout at home. I know, it’s too good to be true.




(2) Customization

At the Yorkdale store, you can customize most of your Dyson purchases with a variety of colors and carrying cases. There are also exclusive items, available only in the Demo store.

(3) Product Testing

It’s like a playground for adults! Sometimes it’s so frustrating going to stores and not being able to test anything out yourself. At the Dyson Demo store, you’re able to try the products yourself and give them a trial run! And who doesn’t like to make a mess that cleans up easily? There’s an entire shelf of jars of things, such as pasta noodles, sprinkles, dirt, and cheerios, that you can drop on the ground. Use the Dyson V8TM cord-free vacuum and you will be amazed how efficient and easy the clean up is. It’s also a bonus to feel the actual weight of the products by actually using them.

(4) Education

With Dyson, you no longer need to buy electronics blindly without understanding the product. There are always product geniuses in-store to teach you about the products: how to use them, clean them, and most importantly, how the engineering makes them so special. Don’t miss out on watching the Dyson purifier demo. The intelligent machine automatically and quickly cleans the air, using its sensors to detect and remove the particles. It’ll keep you in a trance for a while.

(5) Underground Parking

Parking is always a struggle but Yorkdale has you covered. The Demo store is right near the underground parking, and it’s free for up to 6 hours! It’s easy and quick when you need to pop over to the store.

On top of the fun of trying out all the fantastic Dyson products, the store is absolutely gorgeous! It’s filled with carefully illuminated lighting and a sleek, minimalistic design. In total, there are 19 Dyson Demos stores around the world, with much more expected to open in 2018.

What do you think of the new Dyson Demo store?

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