Mall Parking Is Usually a Nightmare – Yorkdale Parking Is Not!

Mall Parking Is Usually a Nightmare - Yorkdale Parking Is Not!

Just in time for the busy holiday season,

The ‘Parking Concierge’ program began Black Friday weekend and continues until Christmas weekend. You can check out 8,000 parking spots on their website, as well as their live hotline call in. You can also check online to pre-plan your visit and find spots in advance. The new system offers real-time lot status that directs cars to open slots.

The program will be active on all busy days, with more than half the monitors helping shoppers find parking spots. There are even 20 members on duty on site to help direct confused customers who cannot find a space. This is an on-going project that will continue through 2018 if needed.

The newly-built, well-lit underground parking also features a red-light and green-light system that is ideal for counting traffic. It allows drivers to easily find a parking space with smooth traffic flow.

Pick up and drop off bays for Uber were recently launched to make it easier for shoppers to get picked up at specific locations as opposed to getting confused. This will also increase the movement of cars from one location to another. Three valet bays were also just put into place.

Lots of exciting new projects are happening at Yorkdale. This year they expanded by 300,000 square feet, including 17 new stores. The fresh new pop-up, CONCEPT just opened with amazing food from some of the best street food in Toronto.

Dyson and Laduree will open at the Centre by the end of 2017. In fact, there were more store openings in 2016 than 2017! Yorkdale surveys their consumers every few months and gets upwards of 3,000 responses. They will continue with their surveys to ensure satisfaction for their loyal shoppers.

Make parking easy again! Check here for hours and directions.

What do you think about the new Yorkdale parking services? Let us know in the comments.

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