5 Of The Best Family Friendly Malls In The GTA

5 Of The Best Family Friendly Malls In The GTA

As parents, finding family friendly activities that are affordable and able to satisfy children of different ages all at once, can be challenging. When looking for things to do, more often or not you’re given super expensive options, or you’re told to go to the park. The truth is though, spending every day at the park gets old very quickly so why not head to the mall? Just because you’re at the mall, it doesn’t have to break the bank and plus, there are tons of options for all ages every type of family!

We have rounded up the top 5 family friendly malls and markets in the GTA for all the family fun!

The Distillery District

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Even though it’s not technically a mall, The Distillery District is a great family destination because it’s outdoors and there is a lot more to do than just shop! Every Sunday morning until August 25th, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., you can take part in yoga as a family!  Parents and kids from ages 7-12 can come to zen-out and enjoy outdoor, family-oriented yoga that’s led by yoga instructors from studios around Toronto. Each Sunday, you will see two back-to-back sessions that are free to attend, but remember to bring your own mat! Bonus: babies in strollers are welcome to watch!

Toronto Premium Outlets

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Toronto Premium Outlets features over 130 stores and savings of up to 65% on the brands you love to shop! It doesn’t need to be a hot promotion period to get bang for your buck at this destination, and with last years expansion of over 40 new retailers, there are must-haves for the whole family. There are a couple features to note that are huge benefits when shopping as a family. Firstly, the five-storey parking garage has over 1,600 spots available. Secondly, there are mobile phone charging stations located throughout the centre, as well as in the children’s play areas, so you can kill two birds with one stone while your kids tire themselves out for bed!

Bayview Village

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Bayview Village

We know what you’re thinking because Bayview Village is one of Canada’s most prestigious shopping centres with some very high end shops. How is that family and budget friendly? This mall offers families the greatest luxury of all which is time. From valet car service, a grocery shop, a dry cleaners, a salon, and a walk-in clinic, Bayview Village is a one stop shop for families. Also interesting, but not for the budget conscious, Bayview Village will open Goh Ballet this fall, offering a well-rounded curriculum for kids age 3 and up. Parents can lunch, shop, and get groceries while their children dance.

CF Shops at Don Mills

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The Shops at Don Mills has one of the cutest perks. Through October 14th, bring your kids on a train ride around the shops! Tickets are only $4 a ride and can be purchased from the conductor (cash only.) It’s also a great photo op and Instagrammable moment for moms and dads! What happens in the winter? The location where the trains are turns into a skating rink. We don’t have the details yet, but we will come wintertime!

Yorkdale Shopping Centre

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Perhaps the most family friendly of all malls, Yorkdale is truly a destination for parents. When walking through the mall, you’ll often see groups of moms on maternity leave roaming around with their babes, taking a stroll, and enjoying the family fun without breaking the bank. Let’s talk about the family friendly change/chill rooms located in several convenient spots. No matter where you’re standing in the mall, there is a family washroom facility that accommodates all genders within a one minute walk, because not all families come in one shape or size. It’s an all inclusive mall that eliminates the fear of leaving the house with a bunch of kids. Fear you’ll forget something? No worries, Shoppers Drug Mart has everything you could need. Fear you’ll have nowhere to change your baby? There is a change room around every corner! Have a screaming toddler? Check out Dream Space or the new KitKat Chocolatory that’s coming soon! There is something for everyone — no doubt about it! 

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