How I Got My Job As Owner Of Fancy Face Inc.

How I Got My Job As Owner Of Fancy Face Inc.

Ever wonder how to turn your passion into your dream job so that you never had to work a day in your life? We had the opportunity to chat with Brittany Gray, owner of Fancy Face Inc. to learn more about how she grew her makeup empire. From starting solo in Toronto to building a team in both Toronto and Vancouver, Brittany has been able to make a name for herself and even start her own makeup line.

Read on below to find out how Brittany got her start in beauty and how it led to her starting her own business!

Full name: Brittany Alexandra Gray

Job Title: Entrepreneur, Actress & Owner of Fancy Face Inc.


First thing’s first, what was the first job you ever had?

My first real job was performing (singing & dancing) in the Oscar Award winning movie Chicago with Catherine Zeta Jones & Richard Gere at 15 years old. Before that (11-14 years old), I did some modelling in Sears & the Eatons catalogues as well as performed in a theatre show at Canada’s Wonderland, however to me, ‘Chicago’ was my first really professional gig. 

What’s a typical day at work for you?

Busy from start to finish. I usually wake up around 5 a.m. as my daughter & son can be early risers & some days just have to start that early because of work engagements. For me, every single day is different. Some days we’re prepping for early morning clients at the studio, some days I’m taking meetings in person or over the phone with industry types, some days I’m heading to work events or simply pouring my heart into every element of building this home grown business. My day always includes working closely with our Fancy Face client concierge, Tiffany, and my personal assistant, Victoria, to ensure we meet deadlines, and to also ensure all of our clients are happy and well taken care of. 

Brittany Gray fancy face

What led you to launch Fancy Face?

Honestly, it was just my deep-rooted passion for all things makeup. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been drawn into the world of beauty. I love nothing more than testing products, going on a hunt for the next best beauty trend & my mom regularly recounts how as a child, she couldn’t get me away from any makeup counter when at the mall. I truthfully had no intention for Fancy Face to grow into what it is today. I was always more focused on my acting/singing/dancing career, however – sometimes life/God/whatever you believe in, has a different plan & I’ve always just followed my heart & listened closely to my intuition. 

What’s it like to own your own company?

It’s BUSY. However it’s always extremely rewarding. It’s almost like raising a child. You put in the hard work, you shower it with endless love and dedication, and then you watch it grow into something you’re so proud of & that you just love so much. 

Did you always know you wanted to work in the beauty industry?

I always knew that it was something I felt naturally good at. Doing makeup and being in this industry feels extremely genuine to me & who I am as a woman. I never had to force it. It’s an honest love & I believe that shows. 

What’s a surprising fact about yourself?

I love collecting crystals. One of my most favourite ones is a Smokey Quartz crystal that my mom bought me when we were on a mother/daughter trip in Boston. Another fact: I love dancing in the kitchen with my daughter Ivy to get the day started. I don’t think our family could function without music. I’ve become a big lover of country music these past few years. Actually my next acting role is playing a country music star on a TV show for the Family Channel/Hulu. 

Brittany Gray fancy face

What’s your advice to anyone looking to get into makeup and beauty?

Work hard to hone your craft. Always strive to get better & to perfect your skill set. Find a niche that is authentic to you. Be a good person. Don’t burn bridges. Stay focused on where you’d like to see yourself in 5-10 years. Stay humble & kind. 

Fancy Face is located in both Toronto and Vancouver, is the beauty scene different in those two cities?

When I first thought of starting the Vancouver team, I was worried that our target market wouldn’t be there or as prevalent. However, I was happy to realize that there are many women in that scene that love feeling extra fancy for events and weddings. Toronto is much busier for us however we’ve been open here for almost 14 years and Vancouver for about six. 


What’s one of the most fulfilling projects you’ve worked on?

There are so many things within the business that I find fulfilling. I love providing jobs for women. I love building every part of this business from the ground up. I love expanding different aspects of this company. For example this year we launched our online shop with our own Fancy Face beauty products & cosmetics and later this summer we are opening our very first brick and mortar shop, after always being a mobile/on-site service. I find it fulfilling to surround myself with like-minded women who are equally passionate in being a part of a team, so that we can watch it grow together. I love being able to take part in charitable events and seeing our work giving back to those less fortunate. I love seeing our clients shine in moments that matter most. Honestly, I find a whole lot of it fulfilling. I’m endlessly passionate about what I do. 

Fancy Face works closely with a charity called HopeTotes. HopeTotes is a Canadian charity producing gift bags of everyday essentials to women in need across Canada.  For every wedding Fancy Face books, we donate a HopeTote filled with nine essential items to women in need. Fancy Face also works closely with SickKids — being a mom of two myself, organizations like this are very near and dear to my heart. As part of our contribution with Sick Kids, we are participating in an event called Fashion Heals for SickKids later this fall.

What’s one of your favourite beauty looks to create?

That JLO glow. Hands down. That bronzed, radiant & tanned makeup look with a pinkish-Nude lip and wispy lashes. That look to me is just always so flattering on most people. I mean come on, if JLO loves it, it’s got to be good right? 

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Featured Image: Fancy Face Inc.

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