The 1st Canadian All-Vegetarian Grocery Store Is Open In Vancouver

No more hunting down aisles and picking up packages to make sure your food is vegetarian — Vancouver is now home to a full-service plant-based grocer!

Larry’s Market is the first all-vegetarian grocery store in Canada, and you can find it at North Vancouver’s historic Shipyards.

Spanning over 2,500-square-feet, the store’s offerings include fresh fruits and veggies, bulk grains, plant-based products and supplies, prepared foods, a matcha bar, vegan and vegetarian pizzas, vegetarian burgers, and kombucha slushies.

According to the grocer’s website, all of the goods at Larry’s Market are sourced from “nearby farmers and producers who are just as committed to their craft as we are.”

Not to mention, Larry’s Market also stocks a curated selection of personal care items so that shoppers can support their vegetarian lifestyles beyond their meals.


The grocer is also low waste.

So you can truly feel good about shopping at Larry’s Market! The grocer is committed to providing products in compostable or low-impact packaging, and there are a variety of items in-store that use no packaging at all.

To make things even more convenient for vegetarians, Larry’s Market has partnered with Skip The Dishes.

The special partnership means that you no longer need to leave your house to get your groceries — you can get plant-based food deliveries straight to your door!

larry's market

Take a closer look at Canada’s first all-vegetarian grocery store below.


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