Flawless Skin: 5 Simple Habits that Prevent Wrinkles

When you are a young adult and especially once you hit your mid-30s and beyond, consider adding one or more of these simple habits to prevent wrinkles.
Flawless Skin: 5 Simple Habits that Prevent Wrinkles

In your 20s, you may feel that your body is invincible and that you hardly have to do a thing to it to keep it looking its best. However, as you reach your 30s and 40s, you may begin noticing subtle changes, such as increased cellulite, larger pores, less skin radiance and even the beginning of wrinkles. What you may not know is that the initial steps that lead to wrinkles start in your 20s. Therefore, it is vital that you practice preventative measures early in life to keep wrinkles at bay as you get older. When you are a young adult and especially once you hit your mid-30s and beyond, consider adding one or more of these simple habits into your routine to prevent wrinkles and other skin concerns in your future.


Believe it or not, over half of your skin content is water, up to 64% to be exact. To keep up its youthful, plump look, you will have to focus on keeping your skin, and therefore your whole body, well-hydrated. Not only will adequate amounts of water keep your skin cells full, but also, water can help to remove toxins from all of your body’s cells that can lead to early aging. Keep in mind that if your skin is dry, it will have a hard time repairing and regenerating itself, meaning that your skin will look dull, flat and wrinkly.


Antioxidants are certain substances that prevent the effects of free radicals throughout the body. In the skin, free radicals can lead to premature aging and can leave the skin open to damage from environmental stressors. The good news is that to reap the healthful benefits of antioxidants, you can consume them internally or use them externally. Many delicious foods are full of antioxidants, including pomegranates, blueberries, red wine, coffee, green tea and grapes. If you are shopping for a new skin cream, search for one with vitamin C, vitamin E or resveratrol, which can help stop and even reverse some of the signs of skin aging.

Redox Signaling Technology

Redox Signaling Technology, or RST, is a newer substance that has many of the same benefits of antioxidants. However, the way they work is quite different. Two types of RST molecules are used. These two communicate in the body to activate the body’s own antioxidants. While these RST molecules are produced naturally throughout the body, you might consider improving the process by adding some RST into your diet or into your skin-care regimen. For example, ASEA products are full of RST molecules and can be used all over your body rather than simply on your face.

Sun Protection

From a young age, all boys and girls should be using proper sun protection whenever they are outside. This is increasingly important as you age, because the effects of UVA and UVB rays produce fast aging of the skin. A study looking at identical twins found that sun protection was even more important than heredity was in the prevention of wrinkles and skin aging.


Sleep is when your body and mind have a chance to repair themselves, rest up and regenerate. Without proper rest, your skin will struggle to turn over old cells into new ones, creating lifeless-looking skin and wrinkles. In addition, as you rest, your body creates human growth hormone, which is important for thick skin that bounces back when you touch it.

Staying hydrated, getting adequate sleep and protecting yourself from the sun are healthy habits that you can incorporate into your life no mater how old you are. Increasing antioxidants in your diet and using skin care products loaded with antioxidants or redox signaling molecules are good steps to begin in your 20s and 30s. Once you reach your 40s or 50s, you may have to step up your game by choosing slightly more expensive skincare products and possibly by visiting a dermatologist to get a skincare plan that is right for you. Keeping wrinkles at bay will give you a more youthful look, especially in your face, and will give you the confidence that you crave in public.

Do you have any other tips to prevent wrinkles? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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