Frontline Workers Can Get Free Access To The ROM For The Entire Month Of August

Frontline Workers Can Get Free Access To The ROM For The Entire Month Of August

Over the past few months, frontline workers have helped keep our cities running. While we’ve been doing our part by social distancing and staying home, they’ve been supporting us at hospitals, grocery stores, and beyond. If there’s anyone that deserves a special treat this summer, it’s them!

Many businesses have shown their appreciation by offering free meals, access to activities, and more, and now a popular Toronto museum has something to give back to those on the front line, too.

For the entire month of August, frontline workers can get free access to the ROM.

The ROM is offering this as a huge thank you to those individuals who have put their own health on the line during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frontline workers that will get special, free access include emergency services, health care, grocery store workers, city operations, social services, public transit, and delivery services. 

If you are classified in one of these categories, take some me-time for yourself and immerse yourself in the 40 amazing galleries and collectons that the ROM has to offer.

To reserve a visit, frontline workers can book a timed ticket by emailing the ROM’s contact centre at or calling (416)-586-8000. And it doesn’t have to be a solo visit! You can invite a few of your social distancing bubble pals, too. Each timed ticket includes spots for up to three guests.

With the pandemic prevalent, visitors are very much required to wear a face mask and continue to follow The rules of physical distancing.

Areas around the museum have strict limit capacities as well as marked pathways to comply with. Feel safe on your outing to the ROM so be sure to follow all of the rules, and of course, have lots of fun!

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