Giant Tiger: Should you be Shopping Here?

Newly rebranded, we visited Giant Tiger to see what this Canadian discount retailer is up to! Read on to find out if you should be shopping at Giant Tiger.

Very rarely do I travel outside of downtown to shop at a big box retailer. Living in the city, Giant Tiger is just one of those stores that I never paid much attention to, let alone heard much about. However, with talk of a recent rebrand and refresh of existing stores, I decided to make a shopping trip out to Giant Tiger to find out what this Canadian discount retailer is all about! Keep reading to find out if you should be shopping at Giant Tiger.

giant tiger

As I approached the entrance of Giant Tiger’s Newmarket location, I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. My assumption was that this ‘proudly Canadian’ discount retailer would likely be a Walmart replica, with a smaller mix of merchandise… and I was right! Giant Tiger screams ‘discount department store’ with bold, yellow signs that emphasize savings (and the price tags to match).

giant tiger giant tiger giant tiger

While you won’t find clothing or accessories from national brands here, it’s nice to see a lot of love for Giant Tiger’s private label brands like mySTYLE and acx active, which offer big value for shoppers, while still being trendy (think: Old Navy quality and Walmart prices). Strolling down the grocery aisles, it’s also easy to see the cost savings you’ll achieve from shopping Giant Tiger’s house brand, Giant Value on household and pantry items over national brands. 

giant tiger giant tiger giant tiger

With a hearty selection of bargain clothing, grocery and household items, Giant Tiger is definitely worth the shopping trip if you’re on a budget. With everything you could need for the cottage or campsite, Giant Tiger is also worth making a pit stop to on your way to your next summer getaway.

All photos by Cristina Avila 

What do you think of Giant Tiger? Do you shop here?

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