Give Your Skin A Refresh For Spring With FORM Face + Body

Give Your Skin A Refresh For Spring With FORM Face + Body

The start of a new season is always a great reason to give yourself a reset. So what better time to give your skin some TLC or even to get that procedure you’ve been wanting, than right now? We visited FORM Face + Body to do just that. 

FORM Face + Body is located right in North York and is a plastic surgery clinic founded by two amazing board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Ron Somogyi and Dr. Waqqas Jalil. 

When we first got to the clinic, we were greeted by Dr. Somogyi, who gave us a wonderful tour of the space. 

He made it very clear that the approach of FORM Face + Body is putting the patient first, from the beginning to the end. The staff prides themselves in taking the time to understand each patient’s goals, putting together a treatment and aftercare plan, and even more. 

From the second we walked in, we could definitely tell that this was the case. Everyone made us feel so comfortable and made sure we fully understood each treatment that we were interested in before fully committing. Also, any type of treatment or procedure you want, either Dr. Somogyi or Dr. Jalil will be involved, so you can feel even more confident in making the right decision for your face or body. 

The clinic offers both invasive and non-invasive treatments.

The invasive includes breast surgery, facial surgery, and body contouring, and the non-invasive are Botox® and Dysport®, skin resurfacing, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, microneedling, the list goes on!

After scoping out the entire place, we were passed off to Megan, who is the Aesthetic and Surgical Care Nurse, as we were interested in receiving a non-invasive treatment today. Megan guided us through the process thoroughly, taking our medical history and tracking any important information. She kindly answered all of our questions, and believe us, we most certainly had a lot!

We decided on two treatments—one of us was interested in  Dysport® and the other wanted microneedling. 

Both processes were such a breeze and overall a great experience. It was actually quite interesting to learn about microneedling, as neither of us was familiar with it—get ready for a refreshed and glowy face in just 3 days! 

Plus, an exciting thing to note is the VIP card! Once you hit $1,000 of spending on non-surgical treatments you actually can get 10% off future non-surgical treatments for one year—now that’s a reward we can get behind! Surgical patients also receive an Aesthetic benefit card with certain incentives as well, so there’s something for everyone. 

We can’t thank the staff enough for making us feel so welcomed and taken care of, it’s definitely on our list of recommended spots for all of your cosmetic and surgical needs to check out ASAP!

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