Glossier Play Is Finally Here And Here’s What’s In Our Cart

Glossier Play Is Finally Here And Here's What's In Our Cart

When I think of a company that’s hitting all the retail high notes, my mind immediately goes straight to Glossier.

Known for their on point branding, their products are so beautifully packaged that they’ve claimed their spot on our vanities. No longer are our skincare must-haves banished to the beauty cupboard! Besides their pretty packaging, Glossier’s products actually work and do what they say they will.

If you’re Glossier obsessed like me and can’t ever have enough, then wait ’till you hear this news!

Today Glossier launched Glossier Play, their supercharged new addition of makeup. Keep reading to see what’s in my shopping cart!

This new collection of bright and fun products are playful and are designed to make getting ready for a night out fun and exciting again because we all know how hard it can be peeling ourselves up off the couch. These new products are super pigmented and unique and I’ve got a feeling that this line is about to break the internet so I’m placing my order right now!

Vinylic Lip

glossier play
Photo via Glossier

This funky lip vinyl is so intriguing and had me clicking ‘add to cart’ pretty much instantly as I landed on the page. Even as someone who doesn’t rock a statement lip that often, I’m so into the bright orange-y shade Casino. What I really like about this product just from reading about it is that it’s buildable so if you want a stand-out lip moment, you just keep going until you’re feeling your fantasy!


glossier play
Photo via Glossier

If you’re like me, you have little to no knowledge in the highlighter department. I’m all about a glowy look but whenever I try to get all holographic, I end up looking shiny and sweaty— not cute! Glossier Play’s Niteshine captured my interest because Glossier’s known for their natural approach to makeup so why wouldn’t their highlighter be the same? This product blends easily into the skin and it’s buildable so you can get yourself as glowed up as you like.


glossier play
Photo via Glossier

Thought eyeliner comes in only black and brown? Think again because Glossier Play’s new Colorslide eye pencil comes in a whopping 14 shades. These unique shades will have your peepers standing out and taking centre stage like never before. I’m tempted to pick up not just one but 3 of these babies. My top faves are Magic Carpet, Cash Salad, and Jumbo. Time to practice my graphic liner skills!

Glitter Gelée + Detailer Duo

glossier play
Photo via Glossier

If you want to take your makeup to the next level, then you need this Glitter Gelée in your makeup kit. There’s just something about glitter that gives us a major mood boost and in these gloomy winter months, we need all the brightness we can get, right? Don’t worry about going overboard— a little applied on your lids with the Detailer brush can go a long way!

The Playground

glossier play
Photo via Glossier

Can’t decide what to shop from this new collection? Glossier has your back because The Playground includes one of everything! With all of these products bundled together, not only will you be looking glam but you’ll be looking smart too because you’re saving $18 in total!

Featured Image: Instagram/@glossierplay

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