Grocery Stores To Expand Their Beer, Cider and Wine Selection in the GTA

We’ve got some good news! Finally, Ontario will be making our lives MUCH easier this coming spring, by expanding beer and cider sales. They will be expanding to 87 more grocery stores across the province – almost 40 of which are in the GTA.

These stores were selected through a competitive bidding process run by the LCBO and will be authorized to sell beer and cider as of April 2018. That’s not too long from now!

This will bring the total number of grocers authorized to sell these products in Ontario up to 370. Ultimately the goal is to have beer and cider available in up to 450 grocery stores, including up to 300 that will also sell wine.

Click here to find out where you can find the new beer and cider outposts coming to Toronto in April.