This Amazing New Service will Save you Major Time When Shopping

Don’t have time for shopping? Check out Handled, a new service that will manage your closet from de-cluttering to tailoring and finding the perfect gift.
This Amazing New Service will Save you Major Time When Shopping

Are you an on-the-go professional? Do you feel overwhelmed by everything flooding your to-do list? Allow me to introduce you to your new best friend. Handled is an online personal shopping service that provides you with expert style assistance whenever and wherever you need it. From de-cluttering your closet and styling pieces you already own, to reinventing your wardrobe entirely, to altering, tailoring and even helping you find the perfect gift, Handled is the first of its kind in Toronto.

I had the pleasure of talking to Handle’s founder, Shira Yoskovitch, at the Handled brunch hosted by Erica Ehm of Ehm & Co. She explained that the idea for Handled stemmed from her own selfishness to have a service just like it – although, from meeting her even once, I can tell she doesn’t have a selfish bone in her body.

As a former corporate senior executive and family caretaker, Yoskovitch was overwhelmed with the length of her never-ending to-do list. One day she was chatting with her friend and half-jokingly said “I would pay you to help me check everything off my list,” and her friend replied, “I would pay you.” And from there, the idea of Handled was born.

Handled offers a completely customized shopping experience for busy professionals within the greater Toronto area, covering everything from online and in-store shopping, to delivery, purchases, returns, alterations and more.

How it works

What I love most about Handled is that although it’s an online shopping service, there’s a real person behind your tasks who handles all your shopping needs. It’s a completely personal experience and the handlers have been hand-picked by Yoskovitch based on expertise and personality. Your handler knows and understands your needs, your schedule and any upcoming events you have. You become their top priority so you can check other, more pressing items off your list.

After reading through the handler bios and choosing the one best-suited for you, you schedule your free 30-minute consultation to chat with your handler about everything from your sizes and preferences to any concerns you may have. You can also decide whether the handler you chose is really the right one for you. Through the consultation, your handler builds a personalized style portfolio, and you’re all set to start offloading tasks. The beauty of it is you can be as involved or uninvolved in the process as you want!


What it costs

Handled is incredibly affordable, and when I was chatting with Yoskovitch, she told me her goal was to make this service accessible to anyone who needed a little extra help. She explained to me that having a personal shopper doesn’t need to be high-class or overly decadent, it’s something almost everyone needs from time to time so they can focus on things such as spending more time with loved ones.

The cost depends on the service. For shopping and gifting, you pay 20% of the purchase value before taxes or a minimum of $20 plus tax per task. Wardrobe consulting is $60 per hour with a three-hour minimum, and consignment/donation is $60 per hour. If you need any of your items altered, you pay for the alterations, plus a Handled fee of $60 per hour. There are no hidden costs, which is another thing that was very important to Yoskovitch when creating the platform.

Handled is truly a full-service platform unlike anything else out there. And it may just be the answer to all your overwhelm.

Featured image: Instagram/@handledconcierge

Would you be interested in trying out this new shopping service?

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