Roots Opens Customization Lab at Yorkdale

Roots Opens Customization Lab at Yorkdale

Last Friday, Roots Canada opened its new enhanced concept store at Yorkdale and we were overly impressed with the space. While the new store houses everything you could ever want from the Roots brand, one of the most intriguing aspects of the new store is the customization lab.

The customization lab allows customers to enhance Roots products with their own finishing touches. When you enter the store, the lab is located to your left and allows you to customize select Roots leather goods, even your very own custom Roots varsity jacket.

The customization process is very straightforward. You can create the product of your dreams easily with Roots in-store technology. Access to the entire customization catalogue is available through an application you can access in-store on tablets. The seamless system allows you to pick fabrics, linings, colours and badges.

As with all customization, it will cost you a little more and take anywhere from 4-6 weeks, but the ability to have your own customized jacket is really friggin’ cool.

Check out the customization lab below.