10 Influencers To Follow To Help Brighten Your Day

Sometimes social media can be a pretty difficult place to be on, but when I interviewed a social media psychologist earlier this year, one of the top tips they gave me was to curate your feed so that you’re following accounts that make you happy. While the advice was simple (and honestly something I already knew), when this psychologist mentioned it on the phone, it really resonated with me. These influencer accounts to follow spark joy and happiness in us, and according to Entrepreneur, people tend to enjoy a sincere connection with others online who are happier.

So rather than trying to search out a bunch of people online, I’ve decided to put together a list of people who I think you need to hit ‘follow’ on Instagram right now. The reason being? You’ll love their positivity, you’ll love their creativity and beauty, but more importantly, they will add a little sparkle to your Instagram feed might be missing.

Here are our top 10 to follow if your day could use a little brightening up!

Donté Colley

If you aren’t following Donté Colley yet, my question is: why not? His viral videos of him dancing in his bedroom with affirming messages became a hit. Now, Donté has his very own Instagram filter and was most recently on a Social Media Week panel talking about spreading positivity through the Internet. I know each time I see one of Colley’s updates online I am immediately happy, and you will be too.

Roxy Earle


Many people may remember Roxy Earle as one of the original housewives from The Real Housewives of Toronto. But since the show stopped airing in 2017, Earle has gone on to lead a worldwide body positive movement with #MySizeRox. Each day, she’s inspiring women across the globe to love the skin their in, while showcasing the true meaning of boss babe. For example, she just launched her own pantyhose collection with Sheertex.

Mina Gerges

Back in 2016, Mina Gerges went viral for the first time. They took to Instagram dressed as Beyoncé in her 2016 CMAs red carpet dress, using only marshmallows and Froot Loops. Gerges began to cosplay others celebs from then on. But nearly three years later, Gerges has gained a different type of popularity. This time, their outspoken nature on body image advocacy and LGBTQ+ matters has earned them the spotlight across North America and a coveted spot in Sephora Canada’s most recent, “We Belong to Something Beautiful” campaign. 

Meghan Yuri Young

influencers to follow

Online you’ll always find people who are pretending to be another version of themselves, but not Meghan Yuri Young. She’s the real deal, and always encouraging her fans and followers to pursue happier, healthier lives in a variety of different ways. One of the things that I love following Meghan’s account for are the micro-fictions or daily affirmations that she posts. Many of them are super relatable, and remind me that I am not in this alone.

Stephanie Chin

influencers to follow

Earlier this year, I was introduced to Stephanie Chin when she illustrated a story of mine. I was unfamiliar with her work, but as soon as I discovered her Instagram account, I became obsessed. Full of original artworks that have aspirational quotes and daily affirmations, Stephanie’s account is great to follow and share with friends.

Phil Villeneuve aka Dancing Phil

Phil Villeneuve is a DJ and one of the co-founders of the site, YoHomo in Toronto. But what you may also recognize him from are his dancing videos found across the Internet. Known as ‘Dancing Phil’, his video series on YouTube and Instagram started in 2009 and became a viral sensation when musician Robyn took notice. Since then, Phil has danced with furries, with zombies and has even danced inside the TIFF office.

Kenzie Brenna

influencers to follow

Kenzie Brenna is an actress, writer, YouTuber, and body activist. She often posts photos of her body on her channel to help others embrace what they might see as “flaws” in themselves. As someone who used to struggle with an eating disorder, Brenna uses her platform as a place of knowledge, education, and kindness. It’s truly inspiring!

Stef Sanjati

influencers to follow

Known to her fans and followers as the #BreadMom, Stef Sanjati shares some candid honesty and radical vulnerability across her channels. From trans issues to eating disorders, Sanjati always makes it a point to be unfiltered, yet provide the loving and caring example she needed when she was growing up.

Stephanie Valentine aka Glamzilla

influencers to follow

I first discovered Stephanie aka Glamzilla when she appeared on Kim Kardashian’s Glam Masters series. Ever since then, I’ve been following her for her delightful makeup tips and incredible style.

Jagmeet Singh

Even before the current election took place, Jagmeet Singh’s online presence was on point. While he might not be an “influencer” per se, Jagmeet has always had a keen sense for who he was talking to online, and not making things too political. I have to admit though, when he made those TikToks during the election, I was immediately sold and still keep following him. I mean, what’s good for Rhianna is good for me.

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