10 Of The Coolest Toronto Fashion & Lifestyle Accounts To Follow

10 Of The Coolest Toronto Fashion & Lifestyle Accounts To Follow

Instagram can seem overwhelming sometimes; there are so many people saying so many things and it can be hard to know what to listen to, and who to follow. What’s important to remember is that Instagram is a place that can help you build community, learn new things, find inspiration, and feel good about yourself. You should be following people and accounts that inspire and uplift you.

Whether you’re looking for someone to give restaurant recommendations, fashion inspo, or advice on which book you should read next, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our list below of the top 10 fashion and lifestyle Instagrammers and influencers to fill your timeline!

Hillory Renkema

hello hillory toronto bloggers to follow styledemocracy

Hillory is a bubbly, pink-loving fashionista that always posts the cutest spots across the city from restaurants,, to salons, and bars galore. Plus, her and Jonathan from Mr. Cavaliere are adorable together!

Vanessa Cesario

vanessa cesario toronto bloggers to follow styledemocracy

Vanessa is the ultimate, grunge-cool-girl fashion inspo. Not only is she incredibly cool, but she’s also a total boss. She’s the creative director of Unika Swim, and works with brands such as Hershey’s and Kastor & Pollocks to create content. There’s nothing this girl boss can’t do!

Bianca Venerayan

bianca venerayan toronto bloggers to follow styledemocracy

Bianca is a certified yoga teacher, radio/podcast host, writer, and all-around high energy person. She’s always travelling, from Thailand to Hawaii to numerous yoga retreats across the world, and she takes you on the journey in a fun and authentic way. Plus she’s always hosting free yoga classes that you can sign up for!

Victoria Hui

victoria hui toronto bloggers styledemocracy

Victoria’s IG page looks like one long beautiful editorial shoot from a magazine. Whether she’s on a stunning beach, a cute cafe, the city streets, or a luxurious hotel, Victoria always looks chic and effortless. She also keeps it super real via Instagram stories, so you really can get to know her.

Chantelle Marie

chantelle marie toronto bloggers styledemocracy

Chantelle is a fashionista, always sporting casual athleisure-wear in most of her Instagram photos. She’s all the goals when it comes to the effortless-cool look. Does she look familiar? A frequent face for many modelling campaigns, you’ve probably seen her sporting your favourite brands multiple times. 

Mary Young

mary young toronto bloggers to follow styledemocracy

Mary Young is a Toronto-based intimates designer with a fresh take on beauty and self-love. Her page is very body-positive, inclusive, and flaunts some stunning pieces that you can purchase for yourself. 

Meghan Yuri Young

meghan yuri young toronto bloggers styledemocracy fashion lifestyle instagrammers

Meghan is a health and wellness advocate, amongst many other things. Her posts are always motivational and inspiring, be it her posting about her workouts, the work she does to de-stigmatize mental illness, or her in-depth book reviews. 

Anna Bediones

Anna Bediones toronto bloggers to follow styledemocracy fashion lifestyle instagrammers

For all your sporty-girl needs, Anna is your girl. Her casual, athleisure looks always kill it, and she’s an expert at pairing casual pieces with more formal wear to create a complete look.

Lauren McPhillips

this renegade love toronto bloggers to follow styledemocracy fashion lifestyle instagrammers

Lauren from This Renegade Love is a content creator and digital marketing expert. Lauren is known for her advice for other bloggers to master the art of working for themselves and being true to themselves. She’s extremely open and authentic on her page, letting followers into her insecurities, and showing us all that embracing yourself, your beauty, and your flaws is the route to true happiness. 

Margaux Zanetti

Margaux Zanetti toronto bloggers to follow styledemocracy fashion lifestyle instagrammers

Margaux’s Instagram feed is a stunning blend of neutrals and subtle pops of colour that leaves us wondering how someone can lead such an aesthetically pleasing life? Well, find out for yourself by clicking on her “edits” highlight! She’s as open as she is chic, lifting the veil on the work that Influencers put into creating their beautiful content.

Featured Image: Instagram/@revolve

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