Instagram Launches Shopping Feature in Canada

The feature is finally coming to Canada. 

Our friends south of the border have been using Instagram to shop their favourite brands for over a year now, and the feature is finally coming to Canada.  Business in the U.S. that had an eCommerce platform was able to tag their products in Instagram photos giving users the ability to scroll, tap and explore a brand’s products through the various pictures on their Instagram page.

The new feature is now live in Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Austrailia, and the UK.

Candian brands with business accounts will not be able to showcase products on organic posts, giving a product description, price and a direct link to the product’s website.

Source: Instagram

For those of us that like to find our style inspiration through Instagram, this is a game-changing feature.

For more information check out the details through Instagram’s web portal.


You can find more information on the newly expanded feature on Instagram’s web