Lululemon Is Launching A New Sustainable Collection Next Month

Everyone’s fave go-to athleticwear brand is making major waves in the sustainability department. Lululemon has announced that it will be launching two new sustainable initiatives in May!

One of the initiatives is a limited-edition collection called Earth Dye that’s made with eco-friendly materials including solution-dyed nylon, recycled polyester, and certified rubber materials. 

Next, the brand will launch its first-ever re-commerce program called ‘Like New’. Like New will extend the life of products and have test runs in Texas and California before expanding.


Calvin McDonald, CEO of lululemon, said in a release, “lululemon is actively working to help create a healthier future, and we are focused on meeting the goals detailed in our Impact Agenda, including making 100 percent of our products with sustainable materials and end-of-use solutions by 2030.”

Lululemon’s Impact Agenda was released in 2020 to show where it stands with sustainability and outline its own vision to minimize environmental impact.

Not only is the Agenda is a great resource for consumers interested in understanding the brand’s mission, but it can be used to keep lululemon accountable.

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