What Maybelline’s New “Made For All” Lipstick Looks Like On 3 Different Skintones

What Maybelline's New

In a time where 40 or more shades of foundations is the norm, diversity in shade ranges for beauty companies is expected… Not only in foundations, but other coloured products as well.

And just recently, Maybelline — the maker of many drugstore holy grails— launched a collection of lipsticks that are meant to be flattering for all, no matter the complexion.

Aptly named Made For All, the statement is bold considering that, just like foundations, lipsticks have different undertones to suit different skin tones.

With seven lipsticks in the collection, affordably priced at around $10.99 per shade, our team at StyleDemocracy wanted to put Maybelline’s claim to the test.

maybelline made for you review

Take a peek at what the Maybelline Made For All lipsticks look on three different skin tones.

Ruby For Me

maybelline made for you review
(Left to Right) Blair Stutz, Sosa Eholor, Amanda Phuong

Red For Me

maybelline made for you review

A natural beauty skeptic when big promises are made, I initially didn’t think each lipstick shade would look good on me, let alone all of us. I was quickly proved wrong because not only are all of these lippies perfect for our skin tones but they all worked for me.

Maybelline clearly knows what they’re doing because these super pigmented lipsticks are hydrating and they went on so effortlessly. Bonus points because the colour didn’t bleed at all so you won’t even miss your lip liner! — Blair Stutz (@blairalex), Editor & Community Manager

Pink For Me

maybelline made for you

Mauve For Me

maybelline made for you review

I was actually delightfully surprised at how the shades all looked on all of us! I could actually get away with sporting these lipsticks without wearing a lip liner… But for my melanin babes, a nice chocolate brown lip liner would be the perfect addition to these fabulous lipsticks!

My fave shades on my complexion were Red For Me, Pink For Me, and Mauve For Me — Sosa Eholor (@dolledbysosa), Digital Marketing & Advertising Coordinator

Fuchsia For Me

maybelline made for you review

Spice For Me

maybelline made for you review

Like Blair and Sosa, I was shocked to see how great each of us looked in every single colour, especially since we all have such different complexions.

While there are some shades in the collection that I don’t see myself wearing day-to-day, I wasn’t mad at how any of them looked. In fact, I love the idea of universal drugstore lipsticks, especially since you typically can’t test them out in store — it ups your chances of walking away with something that’ll look flattering when you get home!

My favourite shade was Spice For Me, a cinnamon-brown with a little more oomph than your average neutral. — Amanda Phuong (@amandaphuong), Director of Digital Marketing

Plum For Me

maybelline made for you review


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