7 Nail Trends To Try Out This Spring

7 Nail Trends To Try Out This Spring

This spring, the nail trends are anything but boring. Even the understated neutral styles have a bit of a twist to set them apart! From dreamy “lip gloss nails” to captivating 3D embellishments, your nails are destined to stay fresh and interesting all season long! And if you’ve yet to find your go-to nail salon, we’ve got you covered here

Lip Gloss Nails

No, this nail style does not require actual lip gloss! However, the goal is to make it appear as such. After all, what’s chicer than matching your nails to your lips? To achieve this nail trend the base should be your perfect nude (maybe a colour that mimics your fave gloss?), with a very glossy top coat. You can even ask your nail tech to take it to the next level with a bit of chrome for some extra shine. 


Chrome nails, arguably popularized by Mrs. Bieber, remains to be all the rage this season. However, now it’s expanded beyond a pretty nude with a chrome topper, to all shades of chrome like silver and gold, for instance. The more “futuristic” feeling, the better. 

3D Embellishments

We’ve been seeing a ton of variations of 3D nail art and it’s so fun! From little charms to designs made with builder-gel, there’s no shortage of options to try out! You can get this done at a lot of salons as its popularity increases, but it may be a good idea to call first, just in case. 

Floral Designs

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. It may not be a new concept, but we’ll never get sick of a cute floral nail design during the spring and summer months! And let us tell you, floral nail designs have come a long way since from what they once were. Aside from florals, nail art in general is super on-trend right now, so have some fun with it!

Different Colours

Can’t pick a colour? Great! Get them all! It’s totally acceptable to have a different colour on every nail if you ask us. Even Queen Taylor Swift is currently rocking a different nail design/colour for every nail to reflect her 10 eras. If she approves, so do we. 

Micro Tips

Micro tips are having a total moment for spring, especially when they involve colour! Micro tips are essentially regular French tips except much thinner. You can even combine the micro tip trend with the above trend and get a different colour tip on every nail to get the best of both worlds! 


If you don’t love to get your nails done but always want great nails, press-ons are the way to go! The press-on nails made now stay on much longer than ones you may have tried before – like we’re talking weeks! There are a ton of design options on the market to ensure your nails are always fresh, on-trend, and healthy!

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