12 Netflix Shows You Need to Start Binge-Watching Now

If you’ve already started winter hibernation, we’ve 12 series you can add to your schedule. Here are 12 Netflix shows to cuddle up with this season.
12 Netflix Shows You Need to Start Binge-Watching Now

Whether you’re dating someone or not, let’s be real, there’s always room in your heart for Netflix. It’s like a committed relationship that never gets boring and you’re basically obsessed with each other. You want to be together 24/7 and with the weather rapidly cooling off, meaning you have no good reason to be outside, now you can be!

Take a look at 12 Netflix shows you’re going to want to binge watch right now… no judgement if you finish an entire season in one go.


The mystery crime drama, was destined to be a hit. Based on the true crime book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit written by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshakerreal, the series profiles two FBI agents as they delve into criminal psychology in the 1970’s. The show reveals what America’s most notorious serial killers were really like. Creepy, bone chilling, and intensely interesting, Mindhunter is hard to stop watching.


Based off the 80’s soap opera, the Netflix reboot follows two of the wealthiest families as they feud over control and power. *Spoiler* Like any modern day scandal, the story isn’t short of a sex tape, manipulative family members and leading ladies with shady pasts. Call it Dynasty 2.0; if you were into Gossip Girl or 90210, you should definitely give this one a shot.

Stranger Things

Warning: season 1 spoilers ahead 
At the end of Stranger Things season 1, we were left with so many questions. Where is Eleven? Is Barb really dead? Has the Upside Down really vanquished for good? Well, Season 2 answers all those questions and then some. The science-fiction horror picks up where it left off with creepy sh*t happening to Will and his friends and Wynona Ryder looking like an insane person (again) while she tries to protect her son.

The Mind of a Chef

Foodies, rejoice! Netflix has recently added new episodes of The Mind of a Chef. Almost the entire fifth season is viewable right now with new episodes being uploaded weekly. World renowned chefs Ludo Lefebvre, Brandon Jew, Magnus Nilsson and more get inspired by fried chicken, eggs, seafood and other delicious stuff. You’ll definitely be left drooling and hungry for more.

Big Mouth

Deeply inappropriate, but hilarious, Big Mouth chronicles the embarrassing journey through puberty every person has to take. While it’s a cartoon, this is DEFINITELY not a kids show. Created by Nick Kroll and starring comedian John Mulaney, basically nothing is off limits, as the cast literally tears apart the embarrassing pre-adolescent sh*t we all go through but never want to talk about.


The Canadian-American historical drama is a good one to watch while you mourn the end of GOT season 7; a familiar face is even in it. Starring Jason Momoa (aka. Khal Drogo), the series is packed with adventure and combat as warring factions vie for control over the 1700s fur trade. Sorry, though… no dragons.


The Mist

If you haven’t watched The Mist yet, you need to. Based off the Stephen King novel, the science-fiction thriller is creepy AF. You may think the killer fog is the only problem… until basically everyone in the small town begins losing their morality and minds. Killer fog + dysfunctional town = drama. This horror series is truly binge-worthy.



Atypical is the heartfelt, dark comedy we’ve all been waiting for. If you think navigating teen romance is hard enough, it’s even more difficult for Sam Gardner who is on the autism spectrum. The 18-year-old decides that it’s time he gets a girlfriend, and let’s just say this makes things interesting.


Friends from College

Friends from College is a must-see! While this one’s been up on Netflix for a little while now, we’d definitely rewatch it. Starring MADtv’s Keegan-Michael Key and How I Met Your Mother’s Cobie Smulders, the series pokes fun at the things that happen in your 40’s as it follows the entangled relationships of a longtime group of friends who met in college. It’s basically an uncensored new age version of Friends.

Son of Zorn

From the executive producers of The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street, Son of Zorn is pure hilariousness where animation and live action collide. Zorn (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) is an animated Barbarian dad who leaves his worn torn village to form a bond with his moody non-animated teen son. Although, as you’ve probably guessed, Zorn doesn’t exactly fit in.

American Vandal

American Vandal isn’t your average true-crime show. Dubbed a “true-crime satire”, the mockumentary series chronicles the aftermath of a costly high school prank where 27 faculty cars were left vandalized with phallic images. The prime suspect pleads innocence, which of course makes things more than a bit complicated.  

Honourable mention:


Season 2 of Riverdale has finally hit Netflix after months of hype on the internet. While episodes are aired on an almost weekly basis, nothing is stopping you from binge-watching the first season for a second time. You know you want to!


Did we miss any of the best shows on Netflix right now?

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